butter diner.


Been hearing about Butter Diner for months now, and have been wanting to go once I heard about the 30+ different kinds of butter. (Peanut butter butter intrigues me.) Been passing by it for the longest time, (or friends cancel out at the last minute) but last night, finally, I got a taste of butter!

From outside, the interiors of the restaurant reflect it’s name: it’s painted in yellow, with warm lights and tables/chairs that remind you of classic 50s/60s style diners. The waiters were prompt and immediately went to our table once we got in. They had a uniform that reminds you of diner-employees or milkmen of old, — plus, they had wigs that are either afros or elvis-inspired-pomade hair.

The menu even had images of diners, and old-style cars, emphasizing the diner-vibe even more. I ordered Asian Spareribs, but they were out, so I got the Grilled Chicken, the bread slices appetizer (with bacon butter and blueberry butter) and a strawberry shake. It took about 10-15 minutes and the food arrived at the table.

The grilled chicken’s portion was good and it was served with a generous serving of mashed potatoes and was sitting on a pool of delicious gravy, topped with a scoop of (i forgot what flavor) butter. If you aren’t sitting on a booth, you could ask the waiters to toast the bread for you in one of the toasters in the corner.

The food was great! You can literally feel your blood thicken with every succeeding bite.

Has anyone else been here? Tell me about your dining experience. If you haven’t tried Butter Diner yet, you should! It’s located in the strip of restaurants adjacent to Gateway, and is near Oyster Boy, I believe. I give it 4 out of 5 spoons, and it would have this date-place-vibe, only there isn’t anything on the menu that’s heart-friendly. (But I’ve yet to try the Fish and Chips and the Salmon.) Happy eating!




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