krispy kreme.




Three words: krispy, kreme and Megamall.


On the way to Megamall yesterday: seeing that they had replaced the Forme ad with Lyn Ching on it, I had to see for myself, whether the replacement was of equal or greater value than the replaced ad. The ad that replaced Lyn Ching was . . . Krispy Kreme! Of which, I didn’t mind, at all. The Megamall branch just recently opened (this week?) and is located on the ground floor of building B.


I’ve heard of Krispy Kreme from friends in the US, and to me, a donut that good is impossible. Nothing beats Cello’s in Katipunan as far as round, ring-shaped foods go. My friend and I checked it out. She tells me that even if the customers lining up were spilling outside the store, it was waaaay less than the people lining up in the Fort branch, so we stood in line.


Seeing the donuts (or doughnuts?) being made was a treat for the eyes. Not only were you in for a mouthful of sweet tastes, you got to see how it was made too! The perceived line didn’t take too long to move either, people were walking out with boxes in hand, and silly grins. When we got into the actual store, still in line, my friend pointed out a grown man with tons of white powdery substance around his mouth, obviously enjoying his doughnut.


Just about two feet from the doughnut selection area, we were all handed a free original honey-glazed doughnut, for a free taste, just as they do in the US, so I’ve heard. My friend even jokingly told me, “ayan, pwede na tayo di bumili / now we can go skip buying.” But getting to take that first bite — I now understood the man with the powdery-substance around his mouth … these doughnuts were scrumptious! I had to take some home as pasalubong.


The dough was very, very soft, and the glaze was just perfectly sweet. It’s very light to eat, so I could understand why Clinton had an operation for eating too many boxes of the stuff. A couple more steps, we were asked what our orders were and we were instructed to go straight to the cashier, we pay, then we got our doughnuts.


The damage? 265 pesos for one dozen original glazed doughnuts. 320 (I think) for a dozen assorted variety doughnuts. 550 for a dozen glazed and a dozen assorted. What we got in return? A couple of boxes full of sweet tastes, powdery substances around our mouths and silly grins on our faces.



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