go go gum problem.

All those careless nights of forgetting to brush my teeth have taken it’s toll. I woke up Tuesday morning with my face symmetrically-challenged. The right side being larger than the left. Wisdom tooth pains. Gums inflamed.

I got to take half of the day off, so I withdrew what’s left in my atm and set forth to find a dentist. I got to the dentist’s office by 3. (Which is conveniently in walking distance from The House of PM!) I wait around a bit. I go through the motion of filling in those cards with the red lines and teeth diagrams. Forty minutes later, a lady walks in and I get asked to sit in the dentist-whee-chair. Open wide.

It turns out my wisdom teeth have finally decided to come out, and they, being late-and-all, have arrived too late. The gums in their region of my mouth have gotten tougher, so they pressure their way until swelling and pain starts. I was then told that I needed to gargle with orahex, take some antibiotics/anti-inflammatory painkillers and get a panoramic dental x-ray. Of which I wasn’t asked to pay for the consult.

For the x-ray I was recommended to another clinic, in a mall, so I had to commute. I went there, and for less than 15 minutes, I hear the sound of another satisfied cash register. Cha-ching!

Then I take another 50 minutes to go back to Antipolo, to rush to the same clinic hoping they’re still open. I showed my x-ray and another dentist (the daughter of the one who checked my teeth first, really pretty) did a little diagnosis. My wisdom teeth were fine, and they weren’t impacted at all. It was the gums being too hard at my age that caused the inflammation. She takes another look. It turns out I have an extra pair of teeth under my incisors and canines. Fangs, I guess. She asks me to open wide. Aaaaaahhhh.

I get home by 7:15. So much for the half-day. The moral of the story? Brush your teeth before you sleep.

The damage? Orahex = P120, Antibiotics = P120, Painkillers = P50, Panoramic X-ray = a whopping P800. Getting a dentist who sort of looks like Nicole Hernandez find out that you don’t get to brush your teeth on a normal basis and then spending an insane amount so that you can miss your weekend gimmicks? Priceless.


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