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second-degree burns, part 2.

“Second-degree burns affect both the outer and underlying layer of skin. They cause pain, redness, swelling, and blistering.”

Okay, that makes burn number 2 for this month. I think I met my quota at 0.


‘Okay ka lang?’

It’s funny how asserting one’s stability tends to ellicit the opposite interpretation. So, let’s say I pulled out a cigarette each time I heard this statement for the whole week. That’s equivalent to 90+ sticks. And, if according to 1994’s Surgeon General report that each cigarette smoked takes 7 minutes out of the smoker’s life, that’s roughly 630+ minutes subtracted from my life.

Gotta understand though, when you hear “ok ka lang?,” you can almost always expect the one who asked to expect the opposite reaction. Given the right one, they’ll follow up with, “sure ka? / are you sure?”

At first, I thought I’d be mighty annoyed -and I was, really,- but nobody expected the sudden highschool reunion, 5 years premature, and on such tragic circumstances. So yeah, I think I’d file this under “Paolo’s-Cynicism-when-people-actually-do-care-what-you’re-going-through-at-the-moment” folder.

Someone pointed out how “highschool” (and I do believe I throw the word ‘highschool’ as an adjective a lot) the whole week has been:

Namecalling, getting forced to interact and digging up old (awkward) memories you hid along with the dinosaurs? (ergh. yes, we did have pet names.) Go highschool.

Names I’ve been called for the last week: “the highschool midlife crisis,” “pastor,” “antukin,” … and so on.

Some express disbelief that I did make it — they always expected me to be the bum. (that’s still plan B) “No, I do have a job/ Yes, I’m okay/ No, it’s not a callcenter/ Yep, just in front of Podium/ Yes, I’m sure I’m okay/ Nope, I didn’t know she was going through all that/ Yep, tumalon kami sa bintana/ Nope, I don’t think we ever spoke before/ Nope, I wasn’t always quiet”

I love highschool.

If there’s anything learned for this week, it’s: “First, do no harm.”

It’s what they say to doctors. Before trying to heal a patient, be sure you don’t make things any worse for them. Think about how you can treat them without doing any damage.

Be careful with people. Try to live your life without abusing or shattering or betraying.

“First, do no harm.”

(Ok, so I did read the last few lines from a comicbook, but it fits.)

I could sit here and mope about this passing, but I would choose not to; We all eventually fall and stumble. The important thing is getting back on your feet.

Starcraft 2 has been officially announced. It looks like the same old shit … in 3D!

A thing that bothers me though is the new siege tank. A friend noted that it looks “gummy.” I think it looks like a giant robotic octopus.

Does anyone remember the robotic octopus from Voltes V? Octo-1? I’m calling the new siege tank Octo-1 PRIME. Hahaha!

Seriously though, check out the Artwork trailer here.



Truth comes a lot easier when you’re thirteen. Things were a lot less complicated too — this or that, us or them, love or hate.

A couple of birthdays back, she even told me she was happy with someone at the moment. And now that conversation haunts me. She always did call me on being emotionless. And the great truth is — it’s certainly not so, because I do feel. (Embarassingly so.) She cared deeply enough to be there, and I wish I did stay for a little while longer.


Sixteen stab wounds to change your life. Sixteen stab wounds to make you think about mortality, and what animal in his right mind would do such a thing. These are the grays in the horizon when you’re thirteen.


'if I said yes, would it really make me okay?'

I remember her asking me, “will you be okay?” after the whole affair had gone sour. And in my mind I was thinking, “if I said yes, would it really make me okay?” or will the truth feel like sprinkling salt on an open wound? Highschool romance — it was always filled with melodramatic drivel like this.

From up here, I could hear the beat of the people marching towards the precints to perform their civic duty, the noise covering all the sound, and tv, and radio and internet do the same. And the little sound that yelps, and even yearns to be heard comes out as a murmur. These little sounds — they carry the dimmest news.

Such is the sound of a passing, during times like these. Having just found this out, I’m already planning to go to the wake.


antichrist television blues.

“In times when history still moved slowly, events were few and far between and easily committed to memory. They formed a commonly accepted backdrop for thrilling scenes of adventure in private life. Nowadays, history moves at a brisk clip. A historical event, though soon forgotten, sparkles the morning after with the dew of novelty. No longer a backdrop, it is now the adventure itself, an adventure enacted before the backdrop of the commonly accepted banality of private life.Since we can no longer assume any single historical event, no matter how recent, to be common knowledge, I must treat events dating back only a few years as if they were a thousand years old.”
-From “Lost Letters,” chapter 5, The Book of Laughter and Forgetting, Milan Kundera

Like a sweaty arm around your neck on a hot summer day, all this growth is getting to be a lot stifling year after year.


Been enjoying the recent Penny Arcade podcasts. The strips are hilarious and easily digestible if you have enough ‘gamer-geek’ to stomach it. However, hearing the creative process creates a deeper appreciation for the strips, even more than the blog posts they have for each one. The Broodax one is particularly awesome! Hahaha!


The ‘sleazy geekery’ award goes to:

The inventor of this new controller says she made it centered around the idea that gamers neglect their significant others … when they’re playing with their consoles and whatnot.


I recently found this photo on the left in the lost regions of my harddisk. It’s my highschool proficiency exam. Turns out, I would’ve made a really good accountant (minus the math) or something. Am I any of these things right now? Nope…

…and, strange as it may sound, when I was 16, I wanted to be a teacher.
(for the future, when I grow up, I want to be a lobbyist)


Speaking of teachers though, I think one of my cousins is going to be teaching highschool students this coming schoolyear. Which would be crazy — I’m guessing she’d be a reason for a couple of boys to attend school. Haha! (and yes, I did see one of my “reason-to-go-to-school” teacher a couple of weeks back, even if I did cut class a lot — including hers)


Having watched the second season of Robot Chicken, I’d have to say it’s a lot like the first season — a couple of hits; tons of misses.

This bit’s hilarious though:

Heimlich Begins!


Stuck on Seinfeld reruns (I’m rerunning the DVDs, hah!) — I do hope all this election brouhaha would be done by next week.



If there’s any one new show you should watch, it should be 30 Rock. Gotta love ’em Star Wars references. Plus, Tina Fey!



spider-man 3.


Tobey, Kirsten and James turn up for their strongest performances yet in the trilogy. Although hindered by a few minor flaws, the third Spider-Man movie still delivers. It’s the most visually engaging of the three films, offering vibrant colors in each scene, juxtaposing the realism with the fantastic, and not missing a beat.

Plus, with Ivan Raimi(Army of Darkness!) apparently co-writing the screenplay, the humor was a nice touch, even when it went overboard or campy, you’d still catch yourself laughing. (Bruce Campbell plays a much larger role than his previous cameos in 1 & 2 — he’s even credited this time!)

The film takes a darker turn when the symbiote gets in the scene. Peter goes emo, thereby re-instating my original stand on the “scene” — it’s the dark side!

I give it three sandy, symbiotic spoons out of four. (I’ll write a more detailed review … maybe a month from now.) Go see it!


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