toycon day1.


Conventions are always holidays for collectors; giving them (us) a chance to purchase the things they (we) obsess about. Oh, and also, there’s the slight chance to feel empty afterwards, after being toyconned into buying over-priced goods. (But this is rare.) What, the booths/stands cost a mini-fortune, so merchandisers have to break even too.

The office was there promoting Dangka and TOL, which rocks, since I hear they got a lot of sign-ups. (and sucks, since two of the V masks were picked up! boo!)
(P.S. I’ll be at the booth tomorrow. Whee)

And what did my salary get me? Check it, this signature series Hush Batman costs 250 (two-hundred and fifty) dollars. I got the painted Batman for 900 pesos. Now THAT’S a bargain. Oh, I also got some pokemon figurines — a mudkip and a koffing. If you visit 4chan … “so, I herd you like …”

And in the years of convention attending, I find that I don’t go primarily because of the merch, but I go for the people. It’s always nice seeing my dameat friends, Toy Empire kids, the ZFC people and the AME people. (You guys rock.) Special mention: Mikko, Raz, Dodo, Jori, Blitz, Six-One, CK, Akutenshi, Pope, Mika, Darkmotives and Delru. (Delru even handed me a flier for this year’s AME convention … for December! Now that’s planning!)

(P.S. Ekis yung Grimlock ni Blitz. Haha, kidding, congrats!)
(Photo by Jori)

[this part was supposed to be for last night. fell asleep.]

Looking for pants is always tricky for me. Finding one with a great fit counter-balanced with the amount of money I have available is always the issue. Anyhow, what’s up with Levi’s? Do they only come out in buttonfly, oddly-washed and torn styles nowadays? From where I checked, they don’t sell flat-front, straight-cut and zipper-operated jeans anymore. (A man must never struggle with buttonflies when he needs to take a piss.) I tried on a lot of pairs, but it was either too-oddly-washed, the wrong fit or too expensive. Goddamn.

I could always break down and try on a pair of Rock and Republic jeans, only to seal them up and never wear them forever. (The lowest they cost here? 9999.01 pesos.) It’s just not practical with my salary.

I ended up going home with no new pants.


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