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work brouhaha.

Something Steve Pavlina said has struck me as the truth. “The best way to make a meaningful contribution is through your career.”

My brother Troy (and I hope he doesn’t mind if I share what he told me) told me once that everyone in the world has a DO>HAVE>BE model of looking at things:

you DO something > to HAVE something > to BE someone
(ex. you buy a car, to have status, to be someone)

He pointed out however that it’s much better to have a BE>DO>HAVE model for work, or for life.

If you’re BEING a good worker, you DO good work and you will HAVE compensation / acknowledgement worthy of your work. It doesn’t even require you to BECOME something other than who you are already. (“Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve” -Napoleon Hill)

So, if you’re being someone who’s concerned about when the next sweldo will come (and to tell you the absolute truth, money’s hard to come by, so sometimes I worry too), rather than being someone who adds value to his work, you only get the monetary satisfaction out of the work done, rather than the satisfaction of contributing to humanity. (And this is no exaggeration.)

To quote the very article I read:

“If you’re going to invest so much of your precious life into your career, make sure that career is worthy of you. Look at your work and ask, “Is this really who I am?” Even if the answer is no, please know that there is a “yes” waiting for you. You deserve much better than to spend the bulk of your time doing something that doesn’t fulfill you.

When you’re doing work that fulfills you, you’ll care about doing a good job. And when you care, you’ll become really good at what you do. And that makes it relatively easy to generate a sustainable income from your work.”

Look at me, talking like a grown-up. :p


hellblazer 234.



What the heck — three issues in and Wizard Magazine gives Hellblazer a quote saying, “A must-read. Diggle’s conjuring a spot-on take of Constantine’s character.”

And know what? It feels like it’s a deserved praise. (Diggle’s also the author behind the fan-favorite arc, Lady Constantine) Reading through the recent issues of Hellblazer reminds me of Delano’s run in the 80’s. When it took more than 10 minutes to consume one single issue. Leonardo Manco’s art helps too — (or is it the coloring?) it sort of reminds me of older Hellblazer issues, just losing something in the translation.

After dealing with the undead and regaining “the magic” he lost, (In Ravencroft, no less.) John’s on a lead of street thugs getting possessed to commit crimes that would benefit a land owner.

This issue serves as a setup for the arc, giving hints as to who’s behind the possessions.

I’d give it a solid 5-stars, but the art gets low marks. There are times when Constantine looks … cross-eyed. And that’s most of the comic, forgetting that his character’s appearance was modeled after Sting.

P.S. Planet-X in Trinoma is the best comics place I’ve been to in recent years. Check it out.



the simpsons movie.


As many of the fans of the show will tell you, (and from what I’ve read Seth McFarlane say — ata —) “The Simpsons” will never be the show it once was.

If you compare the newer seasons to the earlier ones, you’d know that the newer episodes lack heart. Though dysfunction is the Simpson family motivator, it’s almost never the case anymore before the credits start rolling. The premise of the older episodes were to subject the Simpsons in big situations, with them obviously lacking the knowledge of how hopeless they are. This formula provided the best laughs, as the best intentions blow up in their faces.

With that said, a mental comparison of how good Spongebob episodes are juxtaposed with how bad its movie was should be thrown out the window. With Matt Groening taking a more active role in the writing, The Simpsons movie is a triumph. It packs the laughs, the heart and the sort of entertainment that’s been sorely lacking in some of the episodes.

It’s the sort of movie that lets you look at the holes, only to see that they’re part of the larger piece of cheese that makes up the whole. No cheap laughs, just genuinely entertaining entertainment.

And before you hear “Spider Pig” hummed or getting asked if you’ve been “Simpsonized” by everyone you know, go! Go see it now! Skip work and watch it again!

(P.S. The scene with Homer flipping off all Springfield is a must-see, and well worth the price of admission alone. :p )



all-star batman and robin 6.



Jim Lee. Frank Miller. What is this comic?

6 issues in and its still the crazy train, apparently. We’ve seen less of Robin each issue (come on, his name’s on the title of the comic too!) and more of Batman doing batshit-fucken’ loco things to criminals. It’s gotten to the point of self-parody.

You know that old, cheesy joke your friend keeps using? It’s kind of like that, through the sheer amount of cheese, you start laughing at how hopelessly cheesy the joke is. Why keep reading? Same reason: the cheesecake shots.

In this issue, we get some Black Canary, Batgirl in action and Jim Gordon being incapable of saying ‘Batman’ without prefixing the word ‘goddamn’ to it, but no Robin.

So yeah, I give it a hearty recommend for comedy gold. The dialogue keeps becoming internet memes anyway.



batman 666.




Here’s Grant Morrison being an artisté (with the ‘e’, thank you) again. We’re in the middle of a story arc, and boom! A one-shot from the future! And this being the core Batman book, leaves the question, “is it canon?”

The events portrayed here feature the Batman of the future, Damian Wayne. In a supposed future, 15 years on, Bruce is killed by an unknown assassin, and Damian carries out his father’s war on crime.

With the impending apocalypse, and the third ghost of Batman from the current storyline, (who’s yet to appear in the main story arc) the one-shot leaves off on whether Damian will save the world … or not.

Nitpicks aside, as a stand-alone story, it’s generally okay. Damian puts on the mantle of the Bat, with a slightly different costume. He wears a … trenchcoat with the utility belt over it. He’s one step ahead of everyone, while the trail of brutality he leaves behind makes the new commisioner hungry for this Batman’s blood. (The new commish is Barbs)

The art has been brought in this issue. It’s Kubert, after all, with a fantastic (and horrific) vision of a red-tinged future on the brink of apocalypse.

The theme of demons is prevalant all throughout this issue. (Check the issue number.) It didn’t feel like it deserved all the hype it got from the solicitations month back, but it’s a “meh” issue to me. It’s enjoyable, but only for the 10 minutes of entertainment it provides.



blades of glory.


Jenna Fischer’s momma-bombs.

The calendar says “July,” when I’ve been looking forward to this movie 3 months back. Blades of Glory pads Will Ferrel’s film resumé of poking fun at situations you don’t normally poke fun at. (Elf, Anchorman, Talladega Nights) And what you don’t see coming, you could either be afraid of or laugh at. Thankfully it’s much of the latter.

Banned from the male singles division in a fictitious world figure skating championship, Chazz Michael Michaels (Ferrel) and Jimmy MacElroy (Heder), former rivals, are forced to work together as the first-ever male-male pair, thanks to MacElroy’s stalker pointing out a loophole in the rules.

As expected, hilarity ensues when the former rivals, a sleazy skatter/stripper and a former child prodigy, try their hand at a partnership. With Coach (Craig T. Nelson) helping them get the gold, their only obstacle lies in the form of the incestuous Waldenberg twins, Stranz and Fairchild, (Will Arnett and Amy Poehler, real-life husband and wife) the reigning champions of pair skating. Helping them, (through oppression) is their younger sister, Katie (Jenna Fischer), who becomes Jimmy’s love interest.

The excellent supporting cast work hand-in-hand with the two leads to provide an hour-and-a-half of comedy gold, which is made up of one long gay joke. (William Fichtner, Rob Corddry and Luke Wilson — it is a frat-pack movie, after all — provide additional laughs) Further reinforcing the illusion, the movie includes several real-life figure-skating celebrities. That adds a subtle level of laughter, if the real-life skaters themselves make fun of the sport they love so much.

My only gripe is the CG effects! There are several short scenes that unsuccesfully utilize CG, though I guess it’d be much too dangerous (and physically impossible) to perform the stunts that were rendered.

Spoiler: the catalyst for the main conflict is Jenna Fischer’s momma-bombs!

As a side note, Mall of Asia’s Director’s Lounge features a big, HUEG screen compared to Globe Platinum Cinema’s, but it’s offset by the accessibility. And GPC’s seating arrangements are better in my opinion.



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