that taste of asia thing.

(photo from CliqueBooth.com)
Went to the Taste of Asia blogger’s dinner at MoA the other night with my officemates and we all had a blast!

Upon entering the venue, what immediately struck me was how it seemed like everyone knew everyone else. (Save for our group, well, except for Jonas.) And so I stuck with the familiar friends who were there — Coke and chocolate.

Paul, a periodic winner (yes, winner) from the site was there. We all knew him of course, since he just claimed his PSP prize a week prior.

And then we got down to business: the food! The usual buffet rule applies: the amount of time you spend not falling in line is inversely proportional to the variety of food you’ll get. We were in the so-so region of that rule, so while several dishes that were hits was disappearing, we still got enough of the good stuff. (Loved the fish fillet! — Pero they did refill on those other dishes, … Calamares!)

Twenty-or-so pounds later, (haha) I went back inside to make a few new allies. First, I pulled Paul into joining my little scheme of getting to know people. Next step was to actually start getting to know people. There was this girl (Cathie!) who was trying to squeeze through our direction, so we blocked her and introduced ourselves, and asked if she knew anyone, you know, to get introduced to. We were then introduced to people from mabutingbalita.net and some of her other friends. (Gary! Happy! Kirby! Jun! Jomar!)

I saw Jori talking to someone he thought he knew, (who turned out to be someone he really knew,) so I introduced myself … only to get (pleasantly) interrupted by my name repeatedly being called out on stage — I won a goodie bag! And so did Cheekie and Ann, who got called after me, so I’ll never doubt Paul’s probability-altering powers.

The goodie bag contained: a pink umbrella-ella-ella-eh-eh-eh, a shirt, two pairs of lady socks (one I traded with Cathie, while the remaining one became known as “The Gift of Sock” for Happy … apir!) a ton of Bidwise gem cards and a notebook, that, upon closer inspection at home later, was filled from page-to-page with boys in briefs.

We then started orbiting the Cliquebooth … booth, and had our pictures taken, to make the moment last longer. We all exchanged blog URLs and decided to call it a day. You guys rock!

As most of you guys know, I’m a Damien Rice fan. — Has anyone else seen the video for “9 crimes”? A singing decapitated female head-balloon rates about a 9 on my odd-o-meter.

Hitman! Movie!


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