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inside joke.


Weird, somehow, I can relate, hahaha! (Inside jokes rawk!)


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desktop modding.

Rain just isn’t my thing. So instead of getting a bad-ass haircut, I got up this morning, viewed the rain from afar (because I didn’t want to get soaked) and thought, “why not pimp my desktop instead?”

Now let’s see — there are tons and tons of mods out there to make your XP machine look Vista-ish, but it’s just not my thing. I wanted something perky, and sunny (and happy!) — not drab and transparent-for-no-reason.

Besides, the XP Start button is cluttered enough, and Vista’s doesn’t impress me — it’s all cluttered because it tries to cram everything in as little a space as possible.

Here’s what I have so far:


Stuff I used:

  • Yahoo! Widgets – I know, I know, they’re the enemy, but these widgets work a lot better than Google Gadgets, of which, you have to install Google Desktop too, not to mention that it’s quite buggy. Third-party widgets vary in quality and whatnot, but as long as they serve the purpose of being functional and pretty, they stay. (Plus, installation’s impressive, it tries to be as seamless and as invisible (in the background) as possible, which is how modern interfaces should work.)

My widgets:

  • Picture Frame – (top-right) It’s bundled in when you install Yahoo! Widgets, and is a great way to view images. (Pictured is a SteamPunk-ish watch that I really want.) Image changes can be set, so every 5 minutes, a new image pops up.
  • NextEpisode – (bottom-right) Is a neat way to keep track of shows you’re following. The settings are a bit klutzy, but once you figure out how to add schedules, it works great. It places the most immediate show you’re following on top, so I know when to schedule my downloads viewing.
  • Informer – (top) Is a well-coded little gem that allows customized viewing for tons of your system stats. (Uptime, network, CPU, disk and memory meters.) There are even buttons you can add, like a shutdown button (to the left) and an eject-USB device button. (to the right)
  • RSS Ticker Tape – (top, just below the Informer widget) Scrolls your RSS feeds a la-stock market quotes. Keeps my desktop looking busy, and makes me keep track of hukayy (hehe) and Steve Pavlina updates. (Is a little hokey, but I guess a bunch of updates will fix this.)
  • Winamp Remote – (bottom-left) Gives me basic play controls for Winamp.

For the various effects:

  • Wallpaper Master – Is an auto-changer for my wallpapers. Changes my wallpaper at startup, or, when I press the system tray button.
  • /wg/ – 4chan’s Wallpapers General board. Since I wanted a sunny theme, I loaded up on wallpapers that had a ton of orange in them. (Take note though, that some of the threads are NSFW, so yeah, disclaimer.)
  • jasmin 3D Color Changer – Gives you the ability to change the colors for every component of a window. It included a summer theme, so I didn’t have to change much. I like how flat the windows look because the 3D highlights and the 3D lights for the windows are pretty much the same.
  • Yahoo! Messenger bronze skin – It’s not shown, but my YM has this installed, to go with the theme, of course.

So there, Desktop Modding with (mostly) freeware. I think it’s a vast improvement over Desktop 2005.

Try it out and hit me back with a couple of screenies!


epic hax.


This week featured not only the season 6 premiere of Family Guy, but also the release of Halo 3, which is supposed to be a console-seller for Microsoft.

The season 6 premiere of Family Guy is noteworthy because it retells Star Wars Episode IV using the dark humor the series is known for. And the cast works too, strangely enough.

And it works too — A New Hope in 40+ minutes? Truly Epic.

As for Halo 3 news, Jonat showed me the latest MIT hack, or prank, or whatever you’d like to call it.


Yep, that’s John P. Harvard, sporting a Spartan helmet. You know, the same John P. Harvard for whom the school was named for.

Click here for the Joystiq article.



Twenty-six minutes, twenty-nine seconds. (26:29) By that exact time during the movie, we see Doomsday’s fiery red eyes flicker and go dark. And that’s it. Superman dies. The world turns into a crazy place, well, until he returns. To describe the death and return in a sentence: parang makinang tumirik pagkatapos umahon, sabay jinumpstart.

1993 — I was 8 years old when The Death of Superman shocked the world. (It was a slow news day, plus, I was still enjoying the Adam West Batman show then.) For a film entitled “Superman:Doomsday,” the character pertained to by half the title disappears for most of the movie. Adaptation to the condensed format (less than 2 hours) required a ton of revision and editing, therefore creating a mere representation of what took place in the comics. (Is it any better for it? Without the silliness of the Reign of Supermen, yes, although Supergirl’s appearance is totally removed.)

The tweaked Timmiverse designs take a while to get used to, involving the cheekbones that appear to be engraved on Superman’s face, which makes him look older. The voices are really something too — if you’re making an animated film, better make sure you’ve got top-notch casting. Lois Lane suffers from this, as Anne Heche’s performance sometimes works, but fail most of the time. (What irked me the most is that I keep picturing Doctor Drakken whenever Toyman spoke.)

As for the story, watching the over-an-hour film version of the death and return of Superman really leaves tons to be desired. I remember being a kid and KNOWING that none of the other Supermen was the real Superman, so having one clone that has the moral absolutism of The Eradicator made tons more sense. And just because the producers are allowed to put more stuff in there means they could put inactive Superman fetuses (or is it fetii?) sprawled on the floor. Did it add anything to the story? No, but the scene where Superman pukes blood made sense, given that this isn’t your pamangkin’s JLU.

All in all, this is a 3/5. It’s an o-k representation of the infamous story arc, but there are tons more direct-to-DVD vids out there that would justify your purchase. (Mystery of the Batwoman! / Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker!) I would recommend hunting the season 2 episodes of Justice League where Superman apparently died. (Superheroes at the funeral? That made a lot more sense.)


and i’m gonna wear shades too.

Here’s a video of the Crown 7 electronic cigarette in action:

(may magic pa!) What’s up with the emission though? To the untrained eye, that would still look like cigarette smoke. (I still have to have one though.)


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