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happy birthday, jaimee!


You (not you, the reader, unless YOU’RE reading this) are the being for whom I count to make invisible the unavoidable blemishes of my soul.


well, that was futile.

Yip. Went out, basically a food run a couple of miles off. (Plus it’s a neat little inside joke between me and Andrea, the devourer of all chicken.)

Ngayon alam ko na ano pakiramdam lumabas pag eleksyon.

I like ending my week with ABriefMessage. It’s a neat little idea.


on living forever.


Relaying some information I’ve learned from my “brother” to write this article, my boss Laz asked the question: “so, how does it feel to get your article published?” Of course the question was drowned out in the sound of the bacchanalian festivities going on at our table, and with it, my answer — I love it.

Like I’ve told him the first time we talked, I like to write, do doodles and create stuff. It’s a great way to live forever.

As Steve Pavlina puts it in this podcast (right-click and choose “Save As…”, 30:08 minutes, 13.8 MB), “[creative self expression] is that state of flow, that timeless state you’re in, where you’re not really aware so much of what you’re doing, it’s more of a sense of being, you’re right there in the moment, you’re in the present moment, expressing naturally who you are.”

I love the truth. My love for it has opened doors that utilize my creativeness to spread it. Those doors are maintaining a blog, talks with my friend Kash on starting a magazine to champion print media, my chance at writing for the site, my secret life as a tabloid writer (oops, haha) and my application as contributor for WeirdAsiaNews. (Truth in the form of outrageous headlines.)

Spreading “The Truth” and honing my skills at the same time? Growth, bey-beh.

I mean, come on, my brain is my source of income — if I wanted to do physical labor, I would’ve worked out more. 🙂

[10292007 edit: Earlier this week, the same “brother” asked me if he could post one of my older articles on his site. Published twice in one week? Winnery! Woohoo!]


i’m not so think as you drunk i am.



(That’s me with Jet Li and Manny Pacquiao. Notice the cocky smirk, slanted posture and glazed eyes. Yep, drunk!)


After tapping out from drinking at Congo Grille, I had very few options on where to go afterwards. One: I could grab a ride with Iggy to get home, but then I imagine Jori hitting me a couple more times, or, two: I could go see where my cousin’s at, which turned out to be an Oktoberfest celebration in Metrowalk.

I mean, when you’re drunk, you’re drunk! There’s not much you can really aspire to at that point, so either drink some more, or pass out somewhere. I chose the former. (Every decision is a decision to go to TPNR, (to-po-ner, and yes, this is a nested parenthesis) or The Point of No Return, right? Welcome to the dark side.)



Bands played (Rivermaya is all that I can remember), drinks were drunk, drinkers got drunk, plastic cups formed architectural structures in various tables, and photos were taken. (P.S. I fell asleep.)

It was a great night. (P.S. Belated happy birthday, Elaine!)


(That’s me asleep. Notice the finger? That’s my defense from unwanted unpleasantness.)


(Everyone had it in for Paolo. Yih!)

(Awesome photos stolen from Qyugi)




This rocks because Harold & Kumar are finally returning (after 3 years) plus, it features a unicorn! (My future autobiography will have a Heavy-Metal-ish drawing of me riding a unicorn running down a bad-ass rainbow, with mermaids and centaurs in the background … yih!)

(click for higher res version / same poster in this post.)


crusher’s creed.

Another reason to look forward to Assasin’s Creed is … the game’s producer! Check it:

Jade Raymond, game producer, Ubisoft


In the video game industry, developers and designers are rarely known and even more rarely seen. it is a rare and special case when one comes into the spotlight giving a name to a face. Game Producer Jade Raymond is one of those cases. Jade Raymond a video game producer in an industry dominated by men, she is truly an inspiration and she breaks the mold of what peole think a game developer is.
-from her bio at


Plus, Kristen Bell has some voice-acting parts, to satiate your aural desires. Assasin’s Creed comes out November!


the secret appeal of marimar.

After getting home a bit earlier than usual, I had dinner while my lola was watching tv.  I was able to catch a bit of the localized Marimar — and I found the secret appeal of Marimar!  It’s a Jose Rizal story!

Marimar’s transition into Bella Aldama (did I get this right?) directly parallels Crisostomo Ibarra’s fall and emergence as Simoun.  So yeah, maybe that’s why pinoys like watching the show — it resonates with the theme of a person emerging as a slightly better version of himself to get back at his oppressors, flawed only in the way that there’s no going back.

(Plus, people seem to have this notion that it has to do with the lowcut baby doll dress.)

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