flaming wings.


My love for chikins knows no bounds. There’s a story to that, involving a cute girl and a box of chikins, but that’s for another time. This is the story on how really spicy chicken got added to my list of comfort food.

Flaming Wings serves some of the hottest food this side of the Philippines. Lucky for us, this local restaurant originating from Parañaque spawned another branch in the cultural stretch that is Katipunan.

Predominantly black with shades of red, the interior serves as a portent for things to come. An innocent visit would turn out to be a fiery feast, then muted back to black with dessert.

I ordered Chicken Tenders in Wild Sauce, which is the non-bony part of chicken, fried in chili oil. I also sampled two of their sauces, Wasabi Mayo and their Honey Mustard dip.

Me and my buddy even decided to have a little bet, that, whoever takes a sip first buys drinks. (Obviously, I won!) The first bite was an explosive delight — the chicken was spicy as hell, but I couldn’t stop eating. Sampling the honey mustard neutralized the chili oil, but only a bit, while the wasabi mayo tasted like mayo, with the aftertaste of wasabi, which only stoked the fire in my throat.

Every succeeding bite was equivalent to a bead of sweat, nose-sniffing and a delicious burning. The best way to ease the burning was the red iced tea, which I think we finished in a matter of seconds. (You can’t kill a fire with sprinkles of water either.)

Once the meal was done, it was time for dessert. And then I found out that an even better way of putting the fire out was to ingest oreos sided with ice cream drowning in cinnamon sprinkles. Which was the perfect way to ease the lingering burn in the tongue. (To note, in some recipes for curry, they add cinnamon sticks to neutralize the spiciness and complement the overall flavor.)


I only got to sample the chicken tenders, but from what I hear, they serve pasta (which is also spicy) and a mean buffalo wings.

The damage? 98 for the chicken tenders + drink combo, plus 65 pesos for the wicked oreos. The price is a plus, since students from the nearby schools could really have a filling meal for a pretty affordable price. The parking though, is a pain. The entrance is too narrow, and the lot itself is a bit cramped, so getting in by car can be a hassle. (-1 star)

And that, really, is the story of living — getting to try out epicurean delights and making them your instant favorites, even on a Monday.


(photos by jonat)


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