it could only happen to me.

*(months back)

It all started with a tap.

I lit a cigarette like whispering a little secret.

Someone tapped me over the shoulder asking for a light. I lit her cigarette, then I tell her that she “owed” me a flick of butane. She turns away.

She smilingly taps me again, and says that my lighter is the gas kind, not the butane kind.

There’s nothing like a warm smile to melt the coldest of hearts, after all. I was won over.

That little interaction caused occasional banter between me and her.

I’d have to admit, I WAS CHARMED. I don’t know anything about this girl, and yet I found her interesting already. Let’s call her Riverdale.

**(last night)

While waiting for somebody else’s wife, (yes, you read that right) she emerged from the exit. She didn’t see me at first, so I made first contact. “Paolo!” she says.

Explaining that I was waiting for somebody else’s wife, she teased me a bit about the danger of my situation. We hung out a bit to look for slippers.

She notices my scent, and I claim it’s my perspiration.

I wondered what she was doing there at the time, because I know that she works graveyard shifts.

“Oh, I’m on EL,” she says.

So I ask, “what’s the emergency?”

She looks at me, smiles then says, “carrying a child.”


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