revenge of the third world.

And the US just came up with TakeTV.

Last Saturday, my cousin was able to obtain an interesting piece of hardware — the A.C.E. DVD player!  Like Iggy’s Orange DVD player, it plays “questionable” DVDs and DivX files (on-disc or USB).

BUT WAIT, there’s more! — It also displays images, plays mp3s and (supposedly) supports mp4!

IT DOESN’T STOP THERE!  —  If you have foreign films with .srt subtitles files, it also supports it as well!

HOLD YOUR HORSES!  — If you have cbr/cbz files and a big enough display, it throws out the pages from the archives and displays ’em like normal images!

If the TakeTV (which is a USB drive + DivX decoder, in a nut shell) costs $100-$150, you will be shocked that my cousin got it for not 1,500, not 1,400, BUT ONE THOUSAND AND ONE HUNDRED PESOS only!  (Thank you Quiapo!)

And here’s the rant part: as amazing as those features are, my one complaint for the A.C.E. is that it just looks tacky.

Like most Asia-made gadgets, it combines most of the features you’d want into one device, but it would still look like crap.  I’ve seen megapixel-cameras-slash-USB-drives-slash-mini-mp3-divx-players with 2-inch lcd screens made with tacky, overly-shiny faux-chrome plastic — take note, its also branded “SONY.”

I mean, some company must’ve labored hours on creating “innovative” (hax!) mash-up devices like DivX/DVD players, cellphone-tv combos, mp3 players and digital cameras doubling as portable video-players, so why not establish their own brand?  (or hire design people?)  The existence of the mash-up devices (and fake shoes/bags) show that these companies CAN make something pretty useful.  We already live in a continent where piracy is king;  why not compete with the big boys and not dwell on being so third world-ly?


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