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An afternoon ice cream break turned into the spawning of voodoo hrudu.

Passed by the Manikako exhibit at Podium. I heard from Cheekie that the person who organized the fundraiser/exhibit is Hannah Liongoren, a classmate of mine from prep. (1991?)

Manikako is … (taken from their site)

… the flagship project of ArtHOC (House of Comfort Art Network), a non-profit organization that focuses on art as a powerful source of empowerment. On June 5, 2007, ArtHOC joined forces with young, creative Filipinos from doll-oriented groups like Mistula and manikamanila to develop a fund-raising project to support their free art workshops. The project was called Manikako, Filipino for “My Doll”, a name that implies the deep and personal involvement these dolls inspire.

So yeah, getting one doll made = helping kids out.

Reyg introduced me to the rest of the group, and, after catching up with Hannah, I asked to get a doll made. Inspired by Monday’s pulling-out-the-pin-stuck-to-my-leg-welcome-to-the-world-of-tetanus mishap, (and since you get to pick the design for the doll) I asked for one that was wearing the same clothes as me, voodoo-style.

Armed with needles and thread, Gaby started sewing. She worked through the pin-pricks and the denim shortage problem, for which she took off the jacket she was wearing, proceeded cutting out the necessary piece, then sewed it on as the doll’s pants. (Hardcore artist, yow)

After tons of stitching here and there … hrudoll!

Their exhibit continues ’til the 23rd, and is located @ The Podium.

(Images taken from Jonat / Special thanks to Alessandra Ambrosio)


social networking phenomenon: lily allen.

(Hard to imagine a week without hearing the term, really.)

Last February 12, BBC Three showed the first episode of their new talk show, Lily Allen and Friends. Hosted by Lily Allen, the show centers it’s focus on the social networking phenomenon. (The phenomenon that helped launch her career way back in ’05.) The audience are Lily Allen’s “friends” (well, on social networks,) and they are given the chance to shape the show by letting them participate on interviews, submit funny videos to air and selecting the guest band for the next episode.

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because bad guys are cute…

tee hee!

Azrael’s post reminded me of something I saw earlier today. Cosbaby Alien vs. Predator!

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pownce that developer!


I’m infatuated with yet another geek! Not only is Leah Culver the LEAD DEVELOPER for Pownce, she’s also a certified Kristen Bell look-alike. (Is that why she always wears sunglasses?)

Oh, plus, she owns this laptop:

(She bought it by selling laser-etched-laptop-surface-real-estate ads.)

(Existentialism time!) Would you like her because she’s a geek, or because of the resemblance with Veronica Mars? Is it weird that I like her moar because she’s a geek?

She’s adorkable.


what did you do last week?

Wanted a sunjar. (And still wants one. Not to mention Monday’s “Maasimang Ubas” session.)


Chat event: Cambio. (Nawawala yung EP dito sa bahay. olats.)

Missed the Toastmasters thing.


Saw Cloverfield! It’s a fucken’ epic! I liked the spider-lobster things that made you explode in a bloody mess. I love the Lovecraft-ian design of the Cloverfield monster — I’m glad it didn’t turn out to be a whale, or science, or explicitly-mentioned-aliens. I think that’s where it succeeds, in it’s supernatural appeal — see, once you take apart something, that something loses it’s magic. (An example of this? Trinoma — I loved not-knowing it stood for ….)

But when I think about monster movies, I can’t help but think of how they’ll be disposing of the monster remains. They can’t very well bury it; there’s no land big enough for the carcass and they can’t throw it in the ocean, as it may pollute the ecosystem. How about Cloverfield burgers?




HappySlip! Just tons of busy enthusiasm from officemates, the security, the cafe management and the fans … two days in a row!

(image taken from Alvin)


Saw the tastiest-looking pair of girl eyes last week.

Scud’s return to comics! Whee!

To quote Schrab, “I believe, the greatest sin is not finishing what you started.” Will Sussudio live? Will Scud be free from the contract?

Check out the new comics from Image.

All in all, just another week in the Yehey! offices. 🙂



Gotta love the date.  6 years, huh?

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