lose weight in two weeks!


YES, even with my metabolism, I still lose weight. Want to lose weight? Develop a healthy relationship with bacteria.

Managed to stave off the bacterial invasion infection — and am feeling better. (No, apparently, I still obsess.)

Instead, let me tell you about my trip to the doctor.

I had a fever, was coughing up tao chunks, and was just generally feeling horrible last Monday, so I went and got a check-up.

Problem was, the doctor could’ve been a part-time model. (I’m guessing she’s no Doogie Howser, so she’s around 27-28?)

When she checked my temperature, I HAD NO FEVER. I noticed that I was hardly coughing at all. WTF?

Of course, after the diagnosis, I slinked back to my sickly ways, coughing and puffing all the way home. (Let this week be different.)


On a lighter note, I am HEAVILY enamoured by Kari Byron of Mythbusters. We’ve never had the Discovery Channel until this year, but whoah — sexy science! (And science already turns me on by itself!)

Existentialism time! Do I like her because she’s pretty, or because she’s a geek? Hmmm…


(Sorry for posting this, but this is just too awesome!)

Here’s Jaimee with a “Paolo-ish” pose. (‘shopped for the colors.)

She’s so cool and doesn’t afraid of anything.

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