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a series of unfortunate events: cleanliness.

I go OC-Monk-style when it comes to my things. So when I got home last night and noticed that the room was clean — I was going berserk. (I’m sure my lola meant well, pero …) I noticed a toy on top of the computer monitor was on the floor.

(The computer was booting Windows as I did this) I picked up the toy, it got tangled in the extension cord wires, resulting in a disco of off-and-ons for the AVR. (Whee.)

I tried starting up the computer, lo and behold, a crucial system file, hal.dll has gone missing/corrupt.

Tried looking for an installer, and while it worked, the XP installer doesn’t recognize my SATA harddrive, so I can’t repair. I could run drivers for the SATA on floppy, if only my floppy drive worked, plus, to make the said floppy, I have to be in Windows. (Who uses floppy disks nowadays?)

And that’s what you get from cleanliness. As I type, I’m running Ubuntu from a CD I found in the mess. Running the OS from the CD means running slower and running it in read-only mode, so I can’t mount my IDE drives, plus, since I need to save some files, I’m using my flash drive as HD. Go resourcefulness?

It looks like I’m not the only one having computernet woes. Moral of the story? Hide the key better, or never clean up.



I mean — COME ON! Exactly how many bots use Rapidshare? Worst. Captcha. Ever.

Can anyone even guess the characters with the cats in ’em???


media bites.


“‘Twas CBS that finally slayed the beast.”

CBS Cancelled Moonlight! Blergh. Continue reading ‘media bites.’


photoshop help!

How are images like the one above and the one below possible?

I tried making a landscape image equal in width and height and ran the polar coordinates filter on it and here’s what I got:

But the points of the image obviously converge towards the middle unlike the ones above … any ideas?

Is it in the process, or the kind of image I have to use?

[10:16 Edit:Yay!  Thanks to Jhack!  Check this out: Creating Microworlds.]


usher feat. young jeezy – love in this club

The latest single from Usher, from his upcoming album “Here I Stand” — the song for me is so-so (I mean come on, this is supposed to be Usher!) About 4 minutes, 39 seconds in, we get treated to a bad-ass dance. (Right after the chest pops) Check it!

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mirror’s edge SCEE playstation day trailer.

Check it — the HD trailer for Mirror’s Edge — I think jumping ledges and whatnot is what appeals to me. Could this be what parkour looks like in first-person?

Plus, the night scene? I could totally imagine someone making a Batman game out of that. Ziplining from building to building, jumping OMGHUEG gaps.

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american gladiators.

the gladiators.

Got a sneak-peek at the first episode of the “new” American Gladiators. (Yes, the guys hitting each other with giant cotton buds.) It’s impossible not to cheer the contestants when the big bad gladiators are shoving them off the pyramid, or, you know, just showing overall mean-ness.

Is it just me, or are the new gladiators playing to their stereotypes too well? There’s this guy who looks like a wolf, howls like a wolf, and, well, is called “Wolf”; there’s this girl who talks with a dutch accent, wears one of those milkmaid skirts, and they call her “Helga.” (I could actually just go on and on, but, well, the show’s popping up the boobtube on Crime/Suspense this week and next week on Jack TV, so you better see it yourself.)

Hulk Hogan and Laila Ali host the show, and in-between challenges, they try to insinuate trash talk from the competitors. Slurred speech from the adrenaline rush and fatigue induced by “The Eliminator”? — You bet!

[MINI-GAME! Count exactly how many times you’ll hear the words “14 years” during the first episode, whee!]


I cras Dylan of the Peep Show!


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