office id.

Hmmm … so that’s what that feels like.

Earlier this week, I had my last day at my first job.

The last year-and-a-half rocked harder than anyone’s nanay — from the meetings that excited me, the yosi breaks, the great people I got a chance to meet, the chance to manage a site, the events I got to be part of, the 25 chat events + brewing point sessions I was able to moderate to the hours I’ve spent getting into what other people were thinking through the message boards and the chat room.

It’s a heartbreak, but, as the-only-person-who-makes-me-cry says, “pag gusto mo talaga, babalik at babalik sayo.” I guess it’s time to provide value for others.

When I actually made the decision, I had no plans whatsoever. When my relatives and friends heard about this, they flooded my email with job offers, job fair schedules, internship opportunities and programmer training chances. By lunch time the day I first declared the plan? I already had a job lined up.

I’ve never been a fan of hard work, as opposed to “right” work. Getting things right is a nice discipline — the more you do something, you tend to find shortcuts and work-arounds to make your life easier, yet producing the desired result. (And, yeah I’m still working at getting the discipline down.) So yeah, I picked the easiest job choice, one that didn’t require a lot of work on my end, and yet provides value for others while I’m away. How cool is that?

To my officemates — like I’ve said in my last e-mail, you guys are the family that inhabits my weekday universe. Ano pa nga ba masasabi ko, alam nyo naman na lahat ng iniisip ko? Yehey!

To my family and friends — you guys, along with the internet, the bed I sleep in and a whole lot of Coke, and WoW (recently) are the important people and things that encapsulates my universe.

While this is getting a bit too sad — there’s still work to be done. So if anyone’s looking, I’m here discovering new music on last.fm, a mere batsignal away.

P.S. If you don’t get the title, look here!

For the 25 chat events + brewing point sessions, and because I like making lists: Frio Chicosci Paramita Chiz Escudero Tony Samson Sitti Voter’s Ed 1 Voter’s Ed 2 Voter’s Ed 3 Julianne Voter’s Ed 4 Voter’s Ed 5 Voter’s Ed 6 Voter’s Ed 7 Miguel Escueta Luke Mejares World Vision Sakal Sakali Saklolo Cambio My Big Love Yeng Constantino Paramita Rj Jimenez Kitchie Nadal Chillitees


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