FAQ: some things about my dad.

I was about to watch some koreanovelas on DVD when suddenly — I get another “Happy Father’s Day” text message.

If you haven’t heard yet, I’m a mama’s boy — by default.  (lol)

So here are a few answers to some frequently-asked questions:

Q. Sinong tatay mo? aka Who’s Yo Daddy?
A.  No idea.  I was 12 years old when I first saw his name on my birth certificate.  (since I was transferring schools and papers about me were brought up)  My last name could’ve started with a “V.” By the time I was 18, to avoid any legal problems, my mom got my name legally changed, and now I don’t have a middle name.  (The middle name field on my passport is blank.)

Q. ‘Di mo ba hinahanap nung lumalaki ka?
A. No, not really, no.

Q. ‘Di mo sinubukang alamin kung sino sya?
A. 1.) I stopped asking when I was 7.  2.) Why bother?

Q. ‘Di mo ba nafi-feel na may kulang kapag dimo kilala tatay mo?
A. Hinde?

Q. Galit ka ba sa kanya?
A. Not really.  Why be angry at someone you don’t even know?

Q. Sino tumayong father figure mo?
A. I have plenty of uncles and ninongs.

Q. Ano mafi-feel mo pag nag-asawa ulit ang nanay mo?  Ok lang ba sayo?
A. I really think she’s at the age where she can make decisions on her own?

Any more questions?

P.S.  I look like my mom.


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