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i mean, if this were a slot machine, we’d be hitting the jackpot by now.

An excerpt from Yahoo! News:

The failure of the bailout package in Congress literally dropped jaws on Wall Street and triggered a historic selloff — including a terrifying decline of nearly 500 points in mere minutes as the vote took place, the closest thing to panic the stock market has seen in years.

The Dow Jones industrial average lost 777 points Monday, its biggest single-day fall ever, easily beating the 684 points it lost on the first day of trading after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.

As uncertainty gripped investors, the credit markets, which provide the day-to-day lending that powers business in the United States, froze up even further.

At the New York Stock Exchange, traders watched with faces tense and mouths agape as TV screens showed the House vote rejecting the Bush administration’s $700 billion plan to buy up bad debt and shore up the financial industry.

Activity on the trading floor became frenetic as the “sell” orders blew in. The selling was so intense that just 162 stocks on the Big Board rose, while 3,073 dropped.

The Dow Jones Wilshire 5000 Composite Index recorded a paper loss of $1 trillion across the market for the day, a first.

[Source:Dow plummets record 777 as financial rescue fails]


the coke habit.

If you know me — you know that I have this big huge love for Coke.  (If you read the link in ‘big,’ you’d find the story about me trying to quit Coke … and then getting sick.)

As you can imagine, drinking A LOT of the stuff over the course of a week will produce tons of empty bottles  — and, since I drink around the house, you could find several empty Coke bottles around.  The photos above were taken on a Friday, just before the weekend clean-up.  NO DUPLICATE BOTTLES WERE USED.

Which gets me into thinking: if I save up all the empty bottles, could I make my own island?  (Maybe when I finally embrace the inner hermit.)

[Photo mosaic made using Big Huge LabsMosaic Maker]


up dharma down – kaibigan.

A little UDD for a proper morning.


diesel xxx sfw porn.

Here’s Diesel‘s take on viral videos:

It makes sense because:

1.  It’s a riot!

2.  People watch pr0n on the internet.  (But don’t want to get busted at work.)

Here I am helping ’em out by talking about it / linking it here — it’s just too funny not to share.  Catch it in the video above — (’til YouTube removes it)  or alternatively, here.


potential heartstoppers.

Spotted this earlier in the grocery.  C4!  Stocked in shelves!

Hindi pa ba sapat na C4 ang pangalan nya, (at may claims pa na 2x (twice!) the caffeine content) at kinailangan pang “EXTREME” ang cola flavor nya?

Speaking of which, has anyone tried drinking Cobra?  We had tons of those last year in the office; the verdict: tila ka kinagat ng cobra sa tyan.

Extra Joss — I really didn’t get the commercial featuring the new flavors.  Does the guy htting on the Extra Joss girl have less energy?  Is this a new form of rejection?  “I won’t let you in my pants because you’re not into Extra Joss.”  Bigotry!

Red Bull / Lipovitan — they both taste similar to me.  Although vodka + red bull?  Not bad.

Bacchus — This is my potential-heartstopper of choice.  Drink two in a row and you’ll feel your heart trying to shoot out of your chest.  Plus, what’s with the name?  Isn’t Bacchus / Dionysus the god of wine and intoxication?  Why does it sting when you follow up a Bacchus with beer?  

What about you, what’s your favorite potential heartstopper?


retro favorites: the nokia 7110.

Out of all the previous phones I’ve had, this is the one I remember best.

‘Twas 2002 — Nokia was dominating the Philippine mobile market — The Matrix sequels were yet to be released, the Matrix-merch were out of reach for me (at the time) and the closest way of getting jacked into the system was owning a 7110.

It was different from all the other phones at the time because while phone designers were perfecting the way to bring sexy back, the 7110 was the awkward bulge in your pants.  The larger screen size was partly to blame for this — the tenacity of that LCD!  Featuring 6 WHOLE LINES of text?!  Crazy!  (Plus, to top that off, it had an antenna.)

There was also the spring-loaded slider cover, which pops open when the silver button behind the unit is pressed — designed to answer calls (bringing the mic closer to the mouth) and to impress the ladies.  (No, it didn’t.)

Being the first phone to sport a WAP browser, it was only natural that they introduce a way to scroll through pages easier, thus the scroll key.  

Aside from all of the above, what I distinctly remember about the 7110 is the phone’s schizo-pearlescent color scheme.  At times, it was black, at different angles, it turns green — there’s event metallic talong (eggplant) in there!  

When I moved on to a phone that looked like an air conditioner remote, my 7110 was passed on to younger cousins.  

I wonder what a 2009 remake would be like.


Imagine a world without Filipinos.

Here’s an excerpt from an article that made my day:

Nobody here can think of a life without Filipinos, who make up around 20 percent of the world’s seafarers. There are 1.2 million Filipino sailors.

So if Filipinos decided one day to stop working or go on strike for any reason, who would transport oil, food and heavy equipment across the world? We can only imagine the disaster that would happen.

What makes Filipinos unique is their ability to speak very good English and the technical training they receive in the early stages of their education. There are several specialized training institutes in the Philippines, including those specializing in engineering and road maintenance. This training background makes them highly competent in these vital areas.

[Source: Arab News]

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