By paolo.

Here are a couple of my favorite entries:

Get your favorite disc (or mp3) playing in the background — view from a well-lit room, and keep your distance from the monitor.  Feel free to grab a lightly-salted snack and an ice-cold beverage while you’re at it.


yahoo! open strategy presscon.

the coke habit.

retro favorites: the nokia 7110.

imagine a world without filipinos.

zombie babies, death metal, et al…

voltron kiddie meal.

leah culver, yow.

we’ve had a good run, baby.

something about pops.

a semi-charmed oktoberfest, yow.

that eraserheads thing.

Yahoo! picks Philippine rep to Open Hack Day in California

forgetting sarah marshall.

spam, from the future!

13 things i’d tell my 13-year-old self.

the dark knight.

love in the time of coca-cola.

hrudu and the giant beetle.

FAQ: some things about my dad.


bacon and my children.

supercool and doesn’t afraid of anything.

breaking kneecaps and shoes.

i need blood.


what did you do last week?

no GOTS no glory.

that trinoma food tour thing.


all tuckered out.

on the internet, nobody knows you’re a dog.

didja bring your smackdown?

relationshit talk.

relating: objectivity and subjectivity.

revenge of the third world.

how to say “no” to the next big thing.

oh no you di’int.

my mutant and me.

it could only happen to me.

on living forever.

i’m not so think as you drunk i am.

unadulterated adultering adulterer.

inside joke.

desktop modding.


justo como habia planeado.

work brouhaha.

kabit auditions 2007. [protected]

song do.

paolo and poerty.

second-degree burns, part 2.

antichrist television blues.


stomache as clean as a toilet, brought to you by Coke.

go go gum problem.

roots and going in circles.


krispy kreme.

butter diner.

2004 – 2006.

we are all ZOMBIS! — the angsty dork ages!  [the old LJ blog.]


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