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it could only happen to me.

*(months back)

It all started with a tap.

I lit a cigarette like whispering a little secret.

Someone tapped me over the shoulder asking for a light. I lit her cigarette, then I tell her that she “owed” me a flick of butane. She turns away.

She smilingly taps me again, and says that my lighter is the gas kind, not the butane kind.

There’s nothing like a warm smile to melt the coldest of hearts, after all. I was won over.

That little interaction caused occasional banter between me and her.

I’d have to admit, I WAS CHARMED. I don’t know anything about this girl, and yet I found her interesting already. Let’s call her Riverdale.

**(last night)

While waiting for somebody else’s wife, (yes, you read that right) she emerged from the exit. She didn’t see me at first, so I made first contact. “Paolo!” she says.

Explaining that I was waiting for somebody else’s wife, she teased me a bit about the danger of my situation. We hung out a bit to look for slippers.

She notices my scent, and I claim it’s my perspiration.

I wondered what she was doing there at the time, because I know that she works graveyard shifts.

“Oh, I’m on EL,” she says.

So I ask, “what’s the emergency?”

She looks at me, smiles then says, “carrying a child.”


unadulterated adultering adulterer.

Having been able to talk with one, I begin to see that there IS happiness in such an act, only, the drama attached to it is too much trouble for what it really is: a dirty little secret whose roadbumps you could only tell to your most trusted confidants.  (Of whom they will not be happy once you inflict yourself upon them.)

(It’s not pretty.)


unadulterated adultery.

At the age range 20 and above, when would you consider yourself a grown-up?

Wouldn’t this happen, when, according to your own personal core values, you find yourself in an ‘adult’ situation?

So in my mind, why not adultery? Why would a word be formed around another word if it’s meaning didn’t carry the heft of the original word, right?

So, here are a few tips at the top of my head, for, you know, just in case you take a dip in the pool:
* Sit to her right. You may be a righty, (meaning you can’t go left, where she’s sitting) but at least when you hold her hand, your left hand gets to hold her right, so you wouldn’t be feeling up her ring, just in case she starts remembering she’s married! :p

* Delete your messages on her phone, or, better yet, don’t text her! Even if she insists on keeping the messages, delete ’em! Prevention is better than the cure, they say.

* Never lie to her. Hey, the whole thing’s a lie! Tell it like it is, else it would feel so much more fake.

* Think about it long and hard. Really, a little frolicing could end up ruining a family.

Not that I’d go there. :p

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