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when i wasn’t not-sleeping last week.

When I wasn’t either sleeping, not-sleeping or out of the house during last week’s vacation, I enjoyed the following:



Evil Dead 2: If you don’t know who Ash is, shame on you! I got this just in time for Halloween last week and all I can say is — I still remember catching a heavily-edited version of this on Million Dollar Movies (tama ba?) on ABS-CBN Sunday nights waaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy, waaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyy back. (I didn’t get to finish it then, because I got scared of the deadites.)

Sam Raimi invented the over-the-top comedic horror genre for me. Think about it: without the Evil Dead Trilogy, would there even be Shaun of the Dead?

(Too bad I wasn’t able to get another Raimi classic, Darkman, which I always thought was funny.)

Speaking of Shaun of the Dead, here’s the latest parody film from Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost — Hot Fuzz. At first, it’s start to identify with the character Nicholas Angel (Pegg) because we know that HE IS Shaun, but looking past that, this movie is a brilliant tongue-in-cheek romp of how the UK see testosterone-driven-American-action-popcorn-films.

There’s a bit of the movie where it feels like things are getting waaaaayyyyy too serious, only to provide exposition for why Nicholas Angel and partner Danny has to go on a grand shoot-off with the town’s geriatric folk. (A must-see, I think it features every American action movie cliché there is!) Four out of Five!


After watching some Evil Dead, I just felt like shooting some undead. Failing to find a copy of Blood 1, I resorted to playing Duke Nukem 3D. But wait, there’s more! — I have the eDuke sourceport, which adds Windows support, mouselook, better controls and higher-resolutions! But wait, if you order right now — I’ll also tell you that there’s a High-Resolution Pack for the game, which makes it look more 3D, and also updates the flat 2D monsters into 3D models!

Compared to modern shooters, the levels are primitive, but I think Duke redefined what manner of crazy weaponry you can load into a shooter — a shrink ray?! a freezethrower?! laser trip bombs???!

It’s just weird when you try playing it in Classic Mode — it looks like a screenful of fried pixel crap.


The part I enjoy most is looking for the easter eggs! And the ripped-off one-liners … groovy!

Also, I have a couple of scary mp3s — there’s this song by Meatloaf that I associate with fear — the one where, he’s like Beauty and the Beast with the girl, only the girl gets into lingerie and yeah, that scared me as a little kid.

P.S. I also braved “The Sign” … Ace of Base! Hahaha!

Now excuse me while I put these tired eyelids to rest.


athf: movie film for theaters.


Surrealist/absurdist humor abound, this will drive away sane/un-initiated viewers, and will embrace it’s fanbase.

The cover art grabbed me, while the humor gave me a one-two punch.

(P.S. Tina Fey plays the burrito, and Bruce Campbell plays Chicken Brittle.)



spider-man 3.


Tobey, Kirsten and James turn up for their strongest performances yet in the trilogy. Although hindered by a few minor flaws, the third Spider-Man movie still delivers. It’s the most visually engaging of the three films, offering vibrant colors in each scene, juxtaposing the realism with the fantastic, and not missing a beat.

Plus, with Ivan Raimi(Army of Darkness!) apparently co-writing the screenplay, the humor was a nice touch, even when it went overboard or campy, you’d still catch yourself laughing. (Bruce Campbell plays a much larger role than his previous cameos in 1 & 2 — he’s even credited this time!)

The film takes a darker turn when the symbiote gets in the scene. Peter goes emo, thereby re-instating my original stand on the “scene” — it’s the dark side!

I give it three sandy, symbiotic spoons out of four. (I’ll write a more detailed review … maybe a month from now.) Go see it!


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