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something about pops.

I never met him.  

My grandfather (Sgt. Bernardo Marinduque) is someone I wish I had the privilege of meeting.  (He’s my only “real” grandfather, after all.)  People who knew him had fond stories of him — from the military, from Panggasinan (where he was originally from) and from how he got stationed in Antipolo and met my grandmother. If ever our lives overlapped, I probably would’ve called him “Tatay,” like how I call my grandmother “Nanay.”  Or, most likely, “Pops.”

He was a minor then, he lied about his age to enlist in the army.  A smart boy, he studied bombs.  (Yep, you heard me) He self-studied how bombs were made, and how to disarm them.  He became part of the bomb disposal unit in the 14 BCT.  Ramon Magsaysay dubbed them the Avengers. (Making me part-Avenger?  My lola tells me that this is all in a book, and I’ve yet to find it.)  He was one of the many brave souls who were part of PEFTOK that helped during the Korean War.  (Prolly explains my fixation on Koreans, and Koreanovelas, lol.)  

He was their guy when it came to clearing areas — he would sweep up landmines and disarm them, so that the American soldiers can have safe passage in whatever terrains they had to pass through.

One time, when he was studying a bomb — it exploded, leaving him blind.  He was sent to Japan to get healed and luckily, was able to restore his eyesight.  But by then, he was being shipped back to the Philippines.

The army stationed him in Antipolo, where he met Eva Leyva Tapucar, the woman who would later become my grandmother.  They were both very happy.  (The army was even asking him to go to ‘Nam — my lola wouldn’t allow it.)

In their life as husband and wife, they introduced 7 beautiful children to the world.  A year after their youngest was born, he was taken by cancer.  That was 38 years ago.  (September 8, 1970)

Although I never met him, I feel I should’ve.  After all, he was strong enough to become a good father of 7 — and look how my aunts, uncles and my mom turned out.  My lola, who found individual strength when Pops was taken — would later be honored as an Ulirang Ina awardee.  

Hope to meet you one day, pops.

If any of you has a relative who was also involved in The Korean War, or PEFTOK, or the 14th BCT, I’d like your input or any sort of background information you can find.  Hit me up on email or leave a comment.  

Thanks for listening.

[This is all second-hand information, from my Nanay and my Mama / Korean War Project]


no GOTS no glory.

(picture not related)

What’s a true friend?  Is it a.) someone who accepts you for who you are, or is it b.) someone who wants you to be better?  My friend Nash has an interesting take on it — “the guy who works at McDonald’s??? — he accepts you for who you are — is he your true friend???”

I’m taking my pick — letter b.  (Circling the letter, and then filling the little circle in with my number 2 pencil.)

I’ve no idea what girls do — but men don’t make friends;  we cultivate brothers.  Brothers (the closest definition to what I could tell, sibling-less yow) are people I could trust to keep my secrets, people to discuss my ideas with — people who aren’t afraid to be brutally honest if it was for my own benefit.

The way I see it, my mom was always right — in all those years thinking that I couldn’t live up to whatever the standard of the day was, my mom kept pushing me to be the person I could be.  She wasn’t doing it for her, it was all for me.  True friends are like that, I guess.

What’s your answer?


all tuckered out.

all tuckered out.

‘Nuff said. (Well, not really, I would give my thanks for all the help from the presscon to the party. (and that’s my cue to give yourselves a pat on the back, from me — the family, the “family,” the excellent people at work [special thanks to Cheekie for the Sobranies!], FTW people who share drinks with me, and the users who enjoyed themselves at the party! and yeah, you could help out by propagating the “hrudu haet christmas” campaign — Happy Holidays!)

(image galing sa Rangman)



This won’t be about that.

It’s just that my mom was supposed to have lunch in Glorietta and got called back to work so she had to cancel.

A close friend was there, but she left by 12 noon.

I’m just so thankful that these people weren’t anywhere near that.

Family and friends are the circles that encapsulate the universe; . . .

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