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what the H?!

There’s this blue ‘H’ symbol that appears near the signal bar that appears on my phone from time-to-time.  

What the hell is it for?  It’s not in the manual, not in the phone’s White Paper document — and, according to Yahoo! Answers, it’s for HSDPA — thing is, I rarely (never) browse using the phone.  I’ve heard enough 3G-billing horror stories to know better, so question is, am I paying for something that my phone activates by itself?  Or, is Sony tracking me using satellites?

I’m thinking it might stand for ‘hrudu’ but that’s highly unlikely.


retro favorites: the nokia 7110.

Out of all the previous phones I’ve had, this is the one I remember best.

‘Twas 2002 — Nokia was dominating the Philippine mobile market — The Matrix sequels were yet to be released, the Matrix-merch were out of reach for me (at the time) and the closest way of getting jacked into the system was owning a 7110.

It was different from all the other phones at the time because while phone designers were perfecting the way to bring sexy back, the 7110 was the awkward bulge in your pants.  The larger screen size was partly to blame for this — the tenacity of that LCD!  Featuring 6 WHOLE LINES of text?!  Crazy!  (Plus, to top that off, it had an antenna.)

There was also the spring-loaded slider cover, which pops open when the silver button behind the unit is pressed — designed to answer calls (bringing the mic closer to the mouth) and to impress the ladies.  (No, it didn’t.)

Being the first phone to sport a WAP browser, it was only natural that they introduce a way to scroll through pages easier, thus the scroll key.  

Aside from all of the above, what I distinctly remember about the 7110 is the phone’s schizo-pearlescent color scheme.  At times, it was black, at different angles, it turns green — there’s event metallic talong (eggplant) in there!  

When I moved on to a phone that looked like an air conditioner remote, my 7110 was passed on to younger cousins.  

I wonder what a 2009 remake would be like.


steampunk bluetooth headset.

First off — bluetooth headsets really aren’t my thing.  For one, they’re not the most secure thing in the world, and, they make people look like they’re busy — too busy to put the phone down a second and do things undistracted.

(Hypocrite time!)  But for these, I’d gladly look like a douchebag.  Victorian-era inspired, time to put on your spectacles and other various accessories that all operate on steam … or clockwork.

[Source: BoingBoing Gadgets.]

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