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gmail: how does it know?!

According to the official gmail blog, they’ve come up with a way to prevent the modern equivalent of the drunk-dial from happening: emails you’ll regret the next day.  (Like that time I blank-blank-blanked then sent it to her mom.  Grrrreat.)

The new feature called Mail Goggles determines the credibility of a message by barricading “Send” with several math problems.  (Because there’s nothing like math to try and bitchslap you into sobriety.)

You could set it to question your emails on specific days and times that you are most likely to be drunk … or stoned.  Say, from 3pm Fridays ’til Monday.  Or a Tuesday, because there’s really no other excuse for drinking on a Tuesday other than it being a Tuesday.

Although no amount of math obstacle course could’ve prevented this:

(Okay, so I tried — really tried to post the *actual* content of that particular email from years ago — ‘cept that what little hairs I have on my arms stand up like bristles on a toothbrush, trying to claw their way back into the skin when the mouse cursor goes over “Publish”.)

Originally, I thought the new feature would mean that gmail would analyze the coherence of the content, before it decides if a message was written on a drunken stupor.  

bad.grammer = true;

mail_draft_edit = i’m not so think as you drunk i am;

Which would force me to go mathbusting before some of my personal messages are sent.

P.S.  Would they build this into blogger?  If you look hard enough, I remember getting home stinking of booze one exam day, punching in details of how a friendly little afternoon drink turned into a friend almost pushing me into the highway.  Plus that mysterious ghost-raft in the Marikina river that I even called Jaimee about.

[Images from the official gmail blog.]


spam, from the future!

Everyone should have a spam account.  Other than the usual spam — I could, apparently, lose 15 lbs out of my colon, plus, if ever my back-up-dancer career doesn’t pan out, I could get some CSI Training.

The crazy thing is, a spambot from the future came back in time to warn me that, in 30 years, I’ll be needing a little “help.”  WAT.


worst captcha ever, pt. 2.

The good news: Rapidshare got a facelift!

The sour news: Still the worst captcha ever!  Written in bold letters, the security question says “Only enter symbols attached to a cat.”  — You see it, I see it, Rapidshare dudes must’ve seen it.  Wait … aren’t they ALL cats, in ALL the symbols?

( still looks the same though.)



I mean — COME ON! Exactly how many bots use Rapidshare? Worst. Captcha. Ever.

Can anyone even guess the characters with the cats in ’em???


go internets.

So, not having internet at home still blows, apparently.  So much so, that my mom volunteered in signing us up for a Globe plan.  (3 Mbps, yow)

Plus, I got my passport yesterday!  …  Holy cow, I don’t have a middle name.

Ergh.  Time to go, the keyboard in this shop’s too crunchy, the monitor’s too blurry, it’s too slow … and I think some kid just farted.  Blegh.


on the internet, nobody knows you’re a dog.


“On the internet, nobody knows you’re a dog,” one dog muttered to another, in a Peter Steiner cartoon from 1993.

And it’s true — the internet has made the world a small kennel, where a sniff is a click away.   Social networking?  SEO?  I didn’t even know these terms 3 or so years ago.  It’s easy to point out that the internet virtually has everything, but in providing everything, is it choking the passerby with all the choices?  Like a hungry man in a 5-minute-all-you-can-eat buffet, there’s simply too much good stuff to take in all at once.

Something I’ve noticed though, as video games overthrew the comicbook as favorite past time, TV has always been there.  Regardless of all the bad shit they have on, it’s still going strong.  That’s why statements like “Youtube’s going to make TV obsolete” aren’t taken seriously.  That, coupled with the sudden abundance of social bookmarking sites can only have one conclusion: the internet is struggling to be more interesting.

It’s become a place where original content is broken down into excerpts, referenced to itself and vice versa.  Where content is king, and audience participation is a must.


yehey! in the papers.

A user was kind enough to send me a scan of an inquirer article about Yehey! last February. I only recently came across it on my office PC. Check it!


(Click the image for the large version.)

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