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kanye at the VMAs.

Did anyone see the VMAs?  Didja get to watch Kanye perform a brand new song for the upcoming album?  (Didn’t Graduation come out just last year?)  Why is Aldous Snow hosting the VMAs, lol?

Listen to the drums!  How awesome is this song?  (And why is this post full of questions?)


let’s sue santa.

Hey, I mean if you can sue God, (and check the senator’s image — is it just me, or is the fan positioned behind him makes it look like he has a halo?) then I think there’s a fair chance of winning against Santa, right? (Will He blog about it?) They should be at the same level as the Easter Bunny. My reason for joining in the crusade? Like Tony Bowen from the link, my interest in this case does not intersect with the goal to be accomplished; I just hate Christmas.

Mikko suggested we take the case to court. His grievance? — 15 years without presents.

They could argue, however, that they have a clause (I was tempted to skip the ‘e’) about being good for the months preceeding the holidays, in order to qualify for the compensation. My counter-argument would be the moral voyeurism that the Santa Claus company performs.

Wouldn’t keeping an absolutist list of children’s activities qualify as stalking? (Nice = gift, naughty = nil?)

Excuse me while I join in the class action suit against The Boogeyman, (mumu) Halloween is closer than Christmas.

Knocked Up is HILARIOUS!

Should Santa decide to bribe me, I’d want one of these:


Crown 7 has invented an electronic cigarette. (Pretty fancy name for a nicotine vaporizer / patch.) And claims to have the following benefits:

  • Emits a Harmless Vapor That Simulates Smoke yet Satisfies the Nicotine Urges & Cravings
  • Use Crown7 in Any Situation Where Smoking is Prohibited – Our Product is Non-Offensive
  • Rechargeable Battery for Endless Hours of Enjoyment and Smoking Pleasure
  • No Offensive Smoke… Only a Harmless Vapor is Emitted
  • Perfect Solution to Smoking in a Casino or Pool Hall – Prevents Noxious Odors by Never Creating Them
  • Sophisticated Design, Sleek Art Deco Look & Feel
  • No Residual Clothing or Room Odor… Now that’s a Real Benefit!
  • Battery Operated, Simple to Manipulate in all Situations Where Smoking Cigarettes has been Prohibited

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m enjoying “Gimme More” by Britney. Don’t ask.

Is it just me, or is Chris Martin channeling Sting in the track “Homecoming” on Kanye’s new CD? (No wonder I like Coldplay.)

The latest season of Prison Break scares me — there’s no signs of Tancredi! Will she be pulling off a “Veronica?!”

Excuse me while I watch Superman:Doomsday now.


securing with bananas.

I came across this interesting security tool: Banana Screen!

It’s a free facial recognition software that requires a pc and a webcam. It locks your computer for you when you’re away, then unlocks it as soon as the webcam / software recognizes your face.

It’s still a long way from being utilized for full security because apparently, if you show the camera a picture of the person’s face, it will still unlock the computer. And also, it lacks profiles, so multi-user set-ups are a no-no.

It’s still in beta stage though, and it’s a fun little toy to annoy housemates who want to tamper with your files. (P.S. It’s FREE) Besides, with a name like ‘banana,’ how could you not trust these guys?
[Update: Tested it with two different cousins and two different computers — IT DOESN’T WORK RIGHT!]

Girls should wear yellow.

Has anyone seen the new Kanye video yet? Cassie looks hawt in that one.

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