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social networking phenomenon: lily allen.

(Hard to imagine a week without hearing the term, really.)

Last February 12, BBC Three showed the first episode of their new talk show, Lily Allen and Friends. Hosted by Lily Allen, the show centers it’s focus on the social networking phenomenon. (The phenomenon that helped launch her career way back in ’05.) The audience are Lily Allen’s “friends” (well, on social networks,) and they are given the chance to shape the show by letting them participate on interviews, submit funny videos to air and selecting the guest band for the next episode.

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This link from hukayy (yihee) cracked me up. (Lily Allen’s just fourth???!)

Plus, if you’ve seen/heard the new Urbandub song “Guillotine,” — there’s just tons of bitterness in music right now. (Plus, there’s this whole boy-meets-girl-both-get-bitter-and-try-to-beat-the-shit-out-of-each-other theme for the video. The last scenes involve the boy and girl from fist fight to saddistic make-out.)


netwhorage and the lack of subtlety.

Work with a message board long enough, and you tend to see a pattern — person A starts thread about problems with X (this may be a service or a product that person A is genuinely having problems with) and then you see person B replies with something that goes like, “oh that’s so bad why not try Y-product, followed by person B’s contact info and an assurance that a helping hand is just around the corner.” Or — person B starts with a faux testimonial about Y-product and before you know it, boom(!) — contact details on how to avail of Y-product.

It’s not that I have problems with getting namedrops every so often — and they do help sometimes — but dammit, where’s the subtlety? Where’s the feeling that someone sincerely wants to help me, and not sell stuff to me? Gad. That’s just pimping in the digital age.

If these are the trends for the new age, then I vote we skip on it — try to get with the inner hermit and live in a wooden cabin away from every person B out there. Next thing you know, we get product placement in dreams! (a la Transmetropolitan)

Res ipsa loquitur. If product B’s any good, it’ll sell like gas at a gasoline station — forcefeeding tends to make people vomit anyway.

(P.S. In the following paragraphs, I’ll be mentioning media that I really do like.)

Lily Allen makes me giddy. (ahihi) In between the clever lyrics and the cute british accent, it’s hard not to acknowledge that she’s also easy on the eyes.

So I listen to Lily, Chan Marshall and The Pipettes sing about boys who’ll never be me, while I go giddy over them. (ahihi)

I’ve been playing Defcon (and have been finding that the unscalable AI goes strategic medieval on my ass most of the time) and what it shows is that the Philippines is no nuclear terror.

To note, according to every simulation, if there ever will be a World War III, we’re all safe here.

Been inhaling mostly Transformers news these days, thanks to the fact that, like Spidey, we’re getting a taste a couple of days before the US does. And aside from Megan Fox’s participation, (Carla Santini, yeh!) I find that I have low expectations for the movie.

I’ve been pretty vocal about my complaints at the over-complexity of the ‘bots now, but what the hell—- check out this photo.

Didn’t a certain superhero have a similar pose in a poster? And did the fans take in his movie with open arms? (Clue: His name starts with S, and rhymes with ‘pider-Man’) What’s Optimus supposed to be doing? — flexing???! (It really just looks awkward, and leaves many fans questioning: TRUKK NOT MUNKY?)

I mentioned the band Los Chupacabras in my last post, and I took the liberty of compiling these youtube videos: (PS. They don’t have the ‘satan’ song, or the ‘vibrator na saging’ song uploaded.)


second-degree burns, part 2.

“Second-degree burns affect both the outer and underlying layer of skin. They cause pain, redness, swelling, and blistering.”

Okay, that makes burn number 2 for this month. I think I met my quota at 0.


‘Okay ka lang?’

It’s funny how asserting one’s stability tends to ellicit the opposite interpretation. So, let’s say I pulled out a cigarette each time I heard this statement for the whole week. That’s equivalent to 90+ sticks. And, if according to 1994’s Surgeon General report that each cigarette smoked takes 7 minutes out of the smoker’s life, that’s roughly 630+ minutes subtracted from my life.

Gotta understand though, when you hear “ok ka lang?,” you can almost always expect the one who asked to expect the opposite reaction. Given the right one, they’ll follow up with, “sure ka? / are you sure?”

At first, I thought I’d be mighty annoyed -and I was, really,- but nobody expected the sudden highschool reunion, 5 years premature, and on such tragic circumstances. So yeah, I think I’d file this under “Paolo’s-Cynicism-when-people-actually-do-care-what-you’re-going-through-at-the-moment” folder.

Someone pointed out how “highschool” (and I do believe I throw the word ‘highschool’ as an adjective a lot) the whole week has been:

Namecalling, getting forced to interact and digging up old (awkward) memories you hid along with the dinosaurs? (ergh. yes, we did have pet names.) Go highschool.

Names I’ve been called for the last week: “the highschool midlife crisis,” “pastor,” “antukin,” … and so on.

Some express disbelief that I did make it — they always expected me to be the bum. (that’s still plan B) “No, I do have a job/ Yes, I’m okay/ No, it’s not a callcenter/ Yep, just in front of Podium/ Yes, I’m sure I’m okay/ Nope, I didn’t know she was going through all that/ Yep, tumalon kami sa bintana/ Nope, I don’t think we ever spoke before/ Nope, I wasn’t always quiet”

I love highschool.

If there’s anything learned for this week, it’s: “First, do no harm.”

It’s what they say to doctors. Before trying to heal a patient, be sure you don’t make things any worse for them. Think about how you can treat them without doing any damage.

Be careful with people. Try to live your life without abusing or shattering or betraying.

“First, do no harm.”

(Ok, so I did read the last few lines from a comicbook, but it fits.)

I could sit here and mope about this passing, but I would choose not to; We all eventually fall and stumble. The important thing is getting back on your feet.

Starcraft 2 has been officially announced. It looks like the same old shit … in 3D!

A thing that bothers me though is the new siege tank. A friend noted that it looks “gummy.” I think it looks like a giant robotic octopus.

Does anyone remember the robotic octopus from Voltes V? Octo-1? I’m calling the new siege tank Octo-1 PRIME. Hahaha!

Seriously though, check out the Artwork trailer here.

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