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Perfume: The Story of a Murderer is now showing in local theaters! Go see it! (I’ve yet to see Stardust still, though.)

The plot for the latest episode of The Simpsons aped Dog Day Afternoon. Even cooler, Julia Louis Dreyfuss had a cameo for this episode!




Kaya Pala ‘di Sinasagot mga Tawag

False Advertising


this week, on tv. [spoilertastic]

On 30 Rock, Liz Lemon goes back to work after The Girly Show’s summer hiatus. Jack Donaghy clashes with Jerry Seinfeld.

On Heroes, Peter has an amnesia, and Nathan has an amish beard.

On House M.D., House runs an elimination to see which applicants he should hire. The hottie from episode 1 is back, and sort of reminds me of the DNA girl from CSI, but not really. Kumar (Kal Penn) is an applicant, so that means both Harold and Kumar have guested in the show.

On CSI, the cliffhanger to last season is resolved.

On Prison Break, the producers pull a “Veronica” on Tancredi. Yeah. And they pull a Se7en too, if you know what I mean.

On Family Guy, Brian loses the airhead girlfriend.

On The Simpsons, there’s a scene that channels Mrs. Robinson’s seduction. (Yes, and I spotted it.)

If anyone has one of those DVD players with a USB port that also plays .AVI files, — does it play videos directly from there? I’m thinking that’s gonna make download video viewing a bit more comfortable, in front of the tv and whatnot.

Instead of mentioning “that fight,” I’m more interested in finding out how Joxing turned out. Was it a big hit? Would merchandising joxer shorts be worth it by next year?


the simpsons movie.


As many of the fans of the show will tell you, (and from what I’ve read Seth McFarlane say — ata —) “The Simpsons” will never be the show it once was.

If you compare the newer seasons to the earlier ones, you’d know that the newer episodes lack heart. Though dysfunction is the Simpson family motivator, it’s almost never the case anymore before the credits start rolling. The premise of the older episodes were to subject the Simpsons in big situations, with them obviously lacking the knowledge of how hopeless they are. This formula provided the best laughs, as the best intentions blow up in their faces.

With that said, a mental comparison of how good Spongebob episodes are juxtaposed with how bad its movie was should be thrown out the window. With Matt Groening taking a more active role in the writing, The Simpsons movie is a triumph. It packs the laughs, the heart and the sort of entertainment that’s been sorely lacking in some of the episodes.

It’s the sort of movie that lets you look at the holes, only to see that they’re part of the larger piece of cheese that makes up the whole. No cheap laughs, just genuinely entertaining entertainment.

And before you hear “Spider Pig” hummed or getting asked if you’ve been “Simpsonized” by everyone you know, go! Go see it now! Skip work and watch it again!

(P.S. The scene with Homer flipping off all Springfield is a must-see, and well worth the price of admission alone. :p )


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