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tina fey as sarah palin on SNL 09132008.

After a week’s worth of speculation … it happened. Further proof that the only likable thing about Sarah Palin is how she sorta reminds us of Tina Fey. 


Perfume: The Story of a Murderer is now showing in local theaters! Go see it! (I’ve yet to see Stardust still, though.)

The plot for the latest episode of The Simpsons aped Dog Day Afternoon. Even cooler, Julia Louis Dreyfuss had a cameo for this episode!




Kaya Pala ‘di Sinasagot mga Tawag

False Advertising


athf: movie film for theaters.


Surrealist/absurdist humor abound, this will drive away sane/un-initiated viewers, and will embrace it’s fanbase.

The cover art grabbed me, while the humor gave me a one-two punch.

(P.S. Tina Fey plays the burrito, and Bruce Campbell plays Chicken Brittle.)



this week, on tv. [spoilertastic]

On 30 Rock, Liz Lemon goes back to work after The Girly Show’s summer hiatus. Jack Donaghy clashes with Jerry Seinfeld.

On Heroes, Peter has an amnesia, and Nathan has an amish beard.

On House M.D., House runs an elimination to see which applicants he should hire. The hottie from episode 1 is back, and sort of reminds me of the DNA girl from CSI, but not really. Kumar (Kal Penn) is an applicant, so that means both Harold and Kumar have guested in the show.

On CSI, the cliffhanger to last season is resolved.

On Prison Break, the producers pull a “Veronica” on Tancredi. Yeah. And they pull a Se7en too, if you know what I mean.

On Family Guy, Brian loses the airhead girlfriend.

On The Simpsons, there’s a scene that channels Mrs. Robinson’s seduction. (Yes, and I spotted it.)

If anyone has one of those DVD players with a USB port that also plays .AVI files, — does it play videos directly from there? I’m thinking that’s gonna make download video viewing a bit more comfortable, in front of the tv and whatnot.

Instead of mentioning “that fight,” I’m more interested in finding out how Joxing turned out. Was it a big hit? Would merchandising joxer shorts be worth it by next year?


antichrist television blues.

“In times when history still moved slowly, events were few and far between and easily committed to memory. They formed a commonly accepted backdrop for thrilling scenes of adventure in private life. Nowadays, history moves at a brisk clip. A historical event, though soon forgotten, sparkles the morning after with the dew of novelty. No longer a backdrop, it is now the adventure itself, an adventure enacted before the backdrop of the commonly accepted banality of private life.Since we can no longer assume any single historical event, no matter how recent, to be common knowledge, I must treat events dating back only a few years as if they were a thousand years old.”
-From “Lost Letters,” chapter 5, The Book of Laughter and Forgetting, Milan Kundera

Like a sweaty arm around your neck on a hot summer day, all this growth is getting to be a lot stifling year after year.


Been enjoying the recent Penny Arcade podcasts. The strips are hilarious and easily digestible if you have enough ‘gamer-geek’ to stomach it. However, hearing the creative process creates a deeper appreciation for the strips, even more than the blog posts they have for each one. The Broodax one is particularly awesome! Hahaha!


The ‘sleazy geekery’ award goes to:

The inventor of this new controller says she made it centered around the idea that gamers neglect their significant others … when they’re playing with their consoles and whatnot.


I recently found this photo on the left in the lost regions of my harddisk. It’s my highschool proficiency exam. Turns out, I would’ve made a really good accountant (minus the math) or something. Am I any of these things right now? Nope…

…and, strange as it may sound, when I was 16, I wanted to be a teacher.
(for the future, when I grow up, I want to be a lobbyist)


Speaking of teachers though, I think one of my cousins is going to be teaching highschool students this coming schoolyear. Which would be crazy — I’m guessing she’d be a reason for a couple of boys to attend school. Haha! (and yes, I did see one of my “reason-to-go-to-school” teacher a couple of weeks back, even if I did cut class a lot — including hers)


Having watched the second season of Robot Chicken, I’d have to say it’s a lot like the first season — a couple of hits; tons of misses.

This bit’s hilarious though:

Heimlich Begins!


Stuck on Seinfeld reruns (I’m rerunning the DVDs, hah!) — I do hope all this election brouhaha would be done by next week.



If there’s any one new show you should watch, it should be 30 Rock. Gotta love ’em Star Wars references. Plus, Tina Fey!


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