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pirated prime.


Not enough cash for a leader-class movie Optimus?  (Or naubusan sa mall?)

Check out the chinese imitation!  Hahaha!


(More @ Thai-Toku)



Transformers Movie: Bumblebee 2008 Camaro version.


(Click image for full album)


transformers pirated DVD.

Yes, you read right: pirated.

For as long as the movie’s been out (or maybe even before, I’ve yet to see a DVD screener version), this piece of TF goodness has existed as well. (…and I queue “DVDX” and “Antichrist Television Blues” at the same time in my head…)

And yes, I bought a copy. I know, I know, the movie’s still showing in theaters, and before we go into a St. Francis Square morality play, I’ll stop you by saying that piracy can’t ever be justified. (Ok, so maybe if the bumbays hawking them wore eyepatches and fed Polly a cracker, payag pa ‘ko.)

Even if I saw the movie 3 times in the cinema, it can’t ever weigh the amount of damage I’ve done to the franchise I love, (Do I truly love it? so why’d I buy a copy?) I would say that I can’t always afford/have time to see the movie anytime I want to see it. I mean, who could? (Save for if you actually do own a theater and you’ve still got the reels … do they still use reels, even?) The official release is months away, and impatience has become a gateway for my bootleg purchase.

What I can say though, is the video is awesome. Whichever group released this opted to sit in a higher seat, as opposed to the other release which was probably shot in an off-center seat. The centering of the video is awesome, although you could still see tiny-people-head shadows in the bottom at times. I’d rate video quality an 7/10; 10 being the original copy they showed in theaters. I’d rate it an 8, but the group that released this (still no idea what group it is) used a contrast filter on the whole movie, making the colors pop out, and at the same time, making the outdoor shots look like big white flashes.

Sound is superb. Probably a tele-sync. That means you won’t hear the crowd watching the movie at the time.

Subtitles are weird — engrish translations abound — either for comedy gold, or the misappropriation of the Autobots’ intent for the hearing-impaired.

The menus are average. They even show the Paramount disc intro video just before the main menu pops out. (effort!) But the chapter selection screens’ thumbnails are out of order, so you never know which scene you’ll land into. It also includes language options and the hi-res trailer as selections.

This is a pretty solid release for whomever’s responsible. (And you know they won’t openly pat themselves on the back for a job well done.)

Buying this DVD is like saying “I bought some mad crack because there was a sale at my local pusher’s. I love it, but I know it’s no good for me.” It gets a one out of virtue. I’m an advocate of piracy, but of the “yarrr!” type, thank you. One star out of shame. (or shamelesness?) 😦



gamu-gamo rush.

As a brother of mine noted, “we live in a society where it’s possible to live through a day — weeks even — without human contact.” You could be sitting in front of your computer and maybe order a pizza. Want some new material possessions? eBay. Want to get updated on what your friends are up to? Text messaging, blogs and social networking sites.

After almost two weeks of being netless, (apparently, the copper wires for the DSL was stolen by your friendly neighborhood pretend-linemen, to be melted into something you’d see at a tiangge near you soon enough) I have just been subjected to pure human contact. And it’s great, save for the fact that we have come to rely on such means to get in touch that it’s a bit hard to get used to living a disconnected life. (Most especially if your occupation requires you to be online.) Of course you could argue that we do, in fact, have internet connections in the office, and that online nonsensery is possible from 9-to-6, (or 8-to-5, depending on what time I actually get in) but I would decide otherwise.

It’s easy to forget that “PC” stands for Personal Computers, and I think it’s better to have a dichotomy between office computing and personal computing.

I lived through the ordeal. Whoop-de-doo, and it’s not like you get medals for getting through the day without getting the daily spam and what-not, but yeah, for netheads like me, that’s a big deal. Would I live through a disconnected life again? I wouldn’t mind, so long as it doesn’t take almost two weeks to fix.

Last night, we got bum-rushed by moths. Like something from a sci-fi movie, they entered the windows in swarms, probably to eat our flesh(or just plain annoy, whatever).

My cousin lit up the kitchen lights downstairs so they moved there. He then turned on the electric fan and watched as single units get sucked in at the rear, to be spewed out to the wall to splatter. I took out the alcohol and set a line of struggling ones on fire. It took maybe an hour and a half until the threat was finished. The kitchen floor was disgusting, as the white tiles were covered in black and brown rustling. (an odd color to find, earlier in the day when you’re tasked to clean it up.) We were kind enough to leave things as is, my cousin and me, for the lizards. (yeh)

This happened last year too, two days before a major typhoon.

Yesterday, a torrent of text messages proclaimed that “070707 (or 07072007 for us y2k-compliant people) is the luckiest day of the year” — I beg to differ, you know, with the Eva Longoria wedding.

What would happen if Optimus Prime and Megatron used their scanning beams on a pair of Nike’s instead?



harddisk introspection.

I’ve been netless for 10 days. 10 days is long enough to get a lot of introspection. (bah.) I tried reading A Long Way Down, but the first few chapters dealt with getting on a rooftop and contemplating suicide. (I did finish part 1) So yeah, I put that down for a while, as I might jump off the veranda.

It’s moments like these when you wonder how the makers of spyware, distributors of viruses and hackers are given the privilege, and not you. It’s not like you have to create a justified reason for being online, but seriously, abuse is abuse. This isn’t about bashing the new kids, of course, it’s just that, you pay the bills, you’re tired when you get home, and boom(!), you’re deprived of that service. Kind of like an abusive relationship, you give and give, and you get nothing.

In starting a meaningful relationship, (or a DSL connection) we tend to do a little Cost/Benefit Analysis on whether it’ll be mutually beneficial for both parties. (As far as I know.) I mean, nobody likes being ripped off, right? And when things start going sour, you decide on whether losing that connection, as it’s becoming less of a win-win situation, and makes you think about sinking ships. Then I start to think that the last few sentences aren’t about losing DSL … or are they?

Green Cab Pizza.

Has anyone heard of this place yet? Wow. Apparently they have tons of stores all around the country. Plus, the pizza pictures look tasty. Yum!

For some top secret project, I had to research sites about Men/Women. Then I learned a new term, “Chicken Skin Underarm.” The Truth! No matter what! Hahaha!

Just the other day, watching the modem’s “Link” light continually blink, I was humming the Bucky O’Hare song. That cartoon was awesome.

Trivia: Larry Hama, the original author of Bucky O’Hare also created Snake Eyes/Storm Shadow. Whee!

With all the Transformers talk, I remembered another set of transforming robots from my childhood. Does anyone remember the Colgate robots?

As a joke, when asked what my profession is, I always say “tubero,” to poke fun at those tubero signs scattered all around the metro. Now, my new friend Len asked, “How come in the US, it’s okay for housewives to sleep with Tuberos, Karpinteros and Hardineros, pero here nobody does that?”
She then concluded that all that belonged to those professions here in the Philippines are “manongs,” which is a vague generalization. My theory is that there’s no absolute privacy in the Philippines, and committing such an act will lead you to star in the latest chismis in your neighborhood.

Finally got to see The Transformers movie. As a side note, since when did having a good time at the movies need social consensus? The couple beside me moved a seat away — and within earshot, the girl goes, “I’d love to sit there — if it weren’t so noisy!” Da fuck? So what if wanton destruction makes me giggle? Guess who was laughing the hardest when the “Baby Come Back” part went on. Also, idiots still turn on their phones inside cinemas. And this just goes to show that we are living under a participant culture of sorts … I’m not even sure if these kids got to watch the cartoons as kids.

P.S. I gave her the finger. And I started clapping during the end credits. People followed.)

P.P.S. Naiyak ako.




As children of the ‘90s, it’s our utter responsibility to know at least two of any of the following properties: The Transformers, Thundercats, He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, The Carebears, Visionaries and GI Joe. (Although it’s really not that hard to see that Optimus Prime = God)

First off, I’d like to share Dave Willis’ sentiments concerning the movie — my reaction is like the sound of a dying pulse, until it turns into one long “beep” sound. (Yes, I can say that I can die now that I’ve seen the Transformers movie, but … in a good way.)

Second, The Transformers being icons of pop culture, didn’t fail in including all sorts of inside jokes and references (the VW in the used car lot, for one) for fans of the old show. (The cast was also heavily laden with stars we know from different shows/movies — why is Sucré in the army? Frank Catton’s the car salesman! How come Carla Santini’s such a nice girl? Isn’t he that boy from Even Stevens?! Megatron is Agent Smith!)

Third, it’s pretty hard to please fans, so I tried watching it without all the backstory of the cartoons, this movie obviously being set in a different universe than anything that’s come before it. (Plus, the franchise gets rebooted, say, every other year or so anyway.) Instead of ranting/praising about each thing, I kept a list in my head of stuff I liked, and questions I had in mind, you know, just so you wouldn’t have to read through it in detail, to not spoil your enjoyment.

* Bumblebee’s off-screen triumph over Barricade

* Intarweb talk — provides comedy gold — funny dialogue juxtaposed with Cullen’s (Optimus Prime, yo) delivery just hits the comedy nerve.

* Where’d Scorponok disappear into? La la la

* Megan Fox (Carla Santini, yeh)

* Sector 7 = serious MIB mofos when we first see them turned comedic relief when they finally see the Autobots.

* “That Bad Boys 2” shot. (Yeah, you know what I’m talking about.)

* Why does Optimus Prime have a mouth?! Logically, he doesn’t need a facemask/mouthguard anyway, since, you know, he probably doesn’t have teeth, but yeah, IT JUST LOOKS WRONG! Haha

* Hugo Weaving on being Megatron: it’s not as bad as we thought it’d be. Seriously, I was thinking he’d go Agent Smith, “So, Optimus, we meet again.”

* No Ark, no autobot city and no Metroplex = autobots trying to fit in a house. (Extremely funny)

Don’t let these minor details hamper your viewing though, I just get obsessive most of the time. And that’s what I get for having low, low expectations, the enjoyment of my inner 5-year-old. Michael Bay did it — he made me believe cars could transform. I’m seeing it again this week! Woohoo!

(As a side note, since when did having a good time at the movies need social consensus? The couple beside me moved a seat away — and within earshot, the girl goes, “I’d love to sit there — if it weren’t so noisy!” Da fuck? So what if wanton destruction makes me giggle? Guess who was laughing the hardest when the “Baby Come Back” part went on. Also, idiots still turn on their phones inside cinemas. And this just goes to show that we are living under a participant culture of sorts … I’m not even sure if these kids got to watch the cartoons as kids.

P.S. I gave her the finger. And I started clapping during the end credits. People followed.)

P.P.S. Naiyak ako.



toycon day2.

(My feet were throbbing when I got home.)

Volunteering to man the Yehey! booth, I arrived just before opening — and the rumors were true! Exhibitors get first picks on the stuff that’s on display, even before they let the attendees in, I spotted a few checking out each other’s goods, and I considered myself lucky to have witnessed this. (Been hearing this since ’04)

Collectors who were out for the best bargains arrived before the mall’s opening hours to get the best bargains, and to avoid the crowd that would manhandle the goods before they do. (hah! :p) With eyecandy as far as the eye could see, or, up to where the stage starts on one side, and where the walls start on the other end; wallet-juicing temptation was everywhere. Only men (or women) with strong wills or empty wallets could resist!

When day 2 officially began, droves of toy/comicbook/mmorpg/transformers/cosplay enthusiasts (greeks without the ‘r’ — myself included) rushed their appropriate corners, to satiate their curiosities and desires. Conventions like these being the avenue for which they could celebrate the culture with kindred souls.

When the booth finally opened, first-time registrants/interested passers-by got a glimpse of both TOL and Dangka, which got some pretty good response. Some passers-by actually told me they found the concept for Dangka really cute, while others say that TOL’s emoticons were cuter than their ates. (P.S. It also helped that they stood a chance of winning the very tempting ‘V’ mask… if you guys only knew how many people tried the mask on, hahaha!)

Later on in the afternoon, esteemed members of the local toy community had a Q and A session with Dig Deep Entertainment. Of which, Walter Mcdaniel was part of, to announce his “Kodai Jinn” line here first in the Philippines. (That’s Deadpool artist Walter Mcdaniel to you — same guy who drew Deadpool giving Kitty Pryde a ‘shoryuken’! / And yes, in his presence, you’ll hear, “si Akon, si Akon!”)

Dig Deep also featured their Civil War Asia toy line. The first series comprising of four, interchangeable, interconnectible statues in street-art-meets-anime-meets-western-art urban toys. Of which, quite frankly, I found too pricey. Though it came in a beautiful tumbler packaging (which evokes memories of a KFC bucket), it also fails for being too big and doesn’t even show-off what kind of figure you’re getting. So let’s say you get another Wolverine, it might encourage you to either trade with another collector, or drop the line all-together. (But yeah, urban toys are really expensive.)

All in all, this was the best toycon yet. Big open space, a large variety of merchandisers (and bargains!) and activities to fill in the hours = happy collectors who look forward to the next convention. This is a big step up from 3 years ago, where the venue was cramped like a cross between a flea market and a moshpit, the slightest imbalance causing a domino-like effect. I imagined that sequence, but I was mostly out of the convention due to the heat.

Did I mention the short, short shortssss?

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