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zombie babies, death metal, et al…

It’s been a few years since I’ve been hooked to an anime AND manga series — and now, what’s been keeping me ROFL-ing at night is … Detroit Metal City. (nope, don’t understand the website either.)

Thanks to Mikko‘s suggestion, I’m now waking up to death metal — here’s the plot from wikipedia:

Negishi Soichi leaves his family’s farm in Oita Prefecture for the bright lights of Tokyo. While there he swaps his taste in Swedish pop for the totally out-of-character death metal and takes the role as vocalist in the trio, Detroit Metal City, adopting the name Johannes Krauser II. Through the story, he is placed in countless situations caused by his new alter ego, Krauser and at some point he develops a sort of schizophrenic relationship with Krauser, such as if his temper is pushed he will turn into Krauser, or if he is being pressured to make a decision or fans bother him too much he draws Krauser out to save himself. After the fact, he feels bad about what ‘he’ did and tends to lock himself in his apartment until he can overcome his regret.

Which makes for some hardcore, heavy-metal-retardershits.  To me, this is like reading BECK all over again, the story of a simple kid thrust into the world of music — an adept, honing his craft — except that the band is death metal, and the protagonist really isn’t into death metal, because it’s not trendy or Swedish-poppy enough.

Check out the anime’s trailer for baby zombis in action!


Plus, as if that wasn’t metal enough, a live-action movie was shown in theaters (in Japan!) just last month.  With Ken’ichi Matsuyama playing both Negichi and Krauser II.  (He also played L in the live-action Deathnote movies.)  Gene Simmons is in the movie, whose role is, for anyone who’s seen the anime or read the manga — quite obvious.  (Clue: Demon God of Rock and Roll.)

See it, if you can (episode 2 FTW) — or buy the manga!  (Because that’s the most heavy metal thing you can do!)


every first second.

A little Up Dharma Down for a proper afternoon.


politics and music.

Who has better fans?  Obama:

or McCain?

With a list of tribute rap songs in his name, it seems like Obama isn’t just influencing change, but music as well.  And what of McCain?


feist on sesame street.

Okay, for starters — how awesome is Feist?  Her song “1234”‘s already part of my songs-to-hum-while-you’re-happily-walking soundtrack, (seriously, look the song up, see if it doesn’t pop in your subconscious every now and then) and now it gets a Sesame Street version!  (Just in time for the 39th season.)


batman: arkham asylum fan film.

Trolling around Youtube got me this: a fan film by Miguel Mesas based on the Grant Morrison / Dave McKean graphic novel of the same name.

Though it’s not in english, what got me hooked is the excellent production. (They even got the fonts right!)


optimus rhyme – obey the moderator!

Dedicated to the 14 surviving contestants!

Been getting into nerdcore music lately, and the funny thing is, I could relate to the lyrics of this song! Haha!

From here.

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jay-z answers gallagher.

Jay-Z answered his critics, notably Oasis’s Noel Gallagher at Glastonbury. Striding on stage with a guitar slung over his shoulder, he led the crowd in a rendition of Oasis’s “Wonderwall”, smiling throughout, and with wife Beyonce Knowles in attendance, his set included songs such as “99 Problems”.

In a radical departure from the indie rock and guitar bands commonly associated with Glastonbury, the festival recruited the New Yorker in a bid to reach out to a younger audience.

Michael Eavis, who runs the festival on his dairy farm, admitted they had “stuck their necks out on this one.”

Organisers staunchly defended the choice of Jay-Z, despite the slow ticket sales and sniping from Glastonbury veterans like Oasis guitarist Noel Gallagher.

In April, Gallagher slammed the booking of Jay-Z to headline to festival as “wrong”, declaring: “I’m not having hip-hop at Glastonbury. It’s wrong.”

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