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i wish we had zombie protesters here.

A zombie walk in Asheville coincided with a Sarah Palin apperance.  

I mean, that’d be weird, listening to a VP candidate while the undead sprawl about just outside.  

Plus, there was a group of about 75 zombies who broke from the pack and protested.

The (un)dead have rights too!  No discrimination against the undead, woohoo!

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where does the word ‘zombie’ come from?

With my love for zombies/zombis/zambis — here’s a little lesson from hotforwords on where the word comes from.  (Part of the origin is the African word for ‘fetish,’ lol)

I just wished the sounds weren’t as muffled or distorted — plus that shout at the end?  It hurts headphone ears.


zombi love.

If it’s not immediately apparent: the undead have a special place in my heart — I have always been more of the brains-over-looks type, so it should come as to no surprise that I am sympathetic to the zombie cause.

Which is why I’m eagerly anticipating the release of Left 4 Dead, the new coop-focused zombie shooter.  (Share the love, eh?)  Developed by the same team that brought us Counter-Strike, the game is set in a modern setting, where zombie holocaust is at hand, and a group of survivors are fighting their way through an ocean of zombies.  You and up to 3 buddies can play — plus, they’ve also made it so that cooperation is mandatory, making that zombie massacre just a tad bit more exciting.  (If you try and separate from the pack, the AI director — more on this in a bit — will throw a “Hunter” zombie at you.  Which is a bigger, faster, meaner zombie that you probably won’t be able to take down alone.)

The developers have stated that they were going for a “zombie movie” feel, so they’ve tweaked the Source engine a bit to include dramatic lighting and other film techniques to emulate the effect of the big screen zombie flicks.  The result is stunning — and moody: the colors are selectively muted and contrasted, plus, there’s even some film grain in there: crucial in making zombie eczema and the gore pretty.

The AI-director I mentioned earlier is the game’s way of making each scenario different from the last — instead of predetermined spawn points, the AI-director throws in spawn points where your team is, making it so that at any point in a game, any turn could be fatal, and, quite possibly, brain misplacing.

Another big shocker is that up to four more friends could join in AND PLAY AS THE ZOMBIES.  Which turns the co-op survival into a more arcade-like versus mode.

There was mention of a single-player experience — one that would thrust you into the world with three soulless, AI-driven comrades.  Which should serve you no more than a practice section.  (Gotta have soul to be a soldier.  Okay, that was reaching.)

Bottom line is — I’ll see you seeing me seeing you see me bust zombie ass.

But wait, it gets better!  If you preorder now, you’ll even get a neat 10% discount if you buy it from Steam.  Plus, there was word that a demo could be out just ’round Halloween.


horror month zombis header.

Was reading ’bout new blog templates, and it got me into thinking how it’s already October, so might as well — zombi in a dark alley?  Classic!  Not that anyone would notice, mind you, save for me, who’s noticing, as I’m doing the changing anyway.

BTW, the two blogs are p0yt’s and funnysexy’s.  Their new layouts are both looking awesum.  Check it.

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zombie babies, death metal, et al…

It’s been a few years since I’ve been hooked to an anime AND manga series — and now, what’s been keeping me ROFL-ing at night is … Detroit Metal City. (nope, don’t understand the website either.)

Thanks to Mikko‘s suggestion, I’m now waking up to death metal — here’s the plot from wikipedia:

Negishi Soichi leaves his family’s farm in Oita Prefecture for the bright lights of Tokyo. While there he swaps his taste in Swedish pop for the totally out-of-character death metal and takes the role as vocalist in the trio, Detroit Metal City, adopting the name Johannes Krauser II. Through the story, he is placed in countless situations caused by his new alter ego, Krauser and at some point he develops a sort of schizophrenic relationship with Krauser, such as if his temper is pushed he will turn into Krauser, or if he is being pressured to make a decision or fans bother him too much he draws Krauser out to save himself. After the fact, he feels bad about what ‘he’ did and tends to lock himself in his apartment until he can overcome his regret.

Which makes for some hardcore, heavy-metal-retardershits.  To me, this is like reading BECK all over again, the story of a simple kid thrust into the world of music — an adept, honing his craft — except that the band is death metal, and the protagonist really isn’t into death metal, because it’s not trendy or Swedish-poppy enough.

Check out the anime’s trailer for baby zombis in action!


Plus, as if that wasn’t metal enough, a live-action movie was shown in theaters (in Japan!) just last month.  With Ken’ichi Matsuyama playing both Negichi and Krauser II.  (He also played L in the live-action Deathnote movies.)  Gene Simmons is in the movie, whose role is, for anyone who’s seen the anime or read the manga — quite obvious.  (Clue: Demon God of Rock and Roll.)

See it, if you can (episode 2 FTW) — or buy the manga!  (Because that’s the most heavy metal thing you can do!)

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