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stomache as clean as a toilet, brought to you by Coke™.

For the record, what goes on beyond the locked door in the mysterious parts of your mind is beyond your control.I tried to get off Coke™ for March and what happens? — I got nauseous, threw-uppy and hyperacidic. A week off Coke™ does funny things to my constitution, I get crippling tummy aches and that taste you get just when you’re about to throw up. For my lola’s birthday, I got to have a glass, then another glass, and then the rest of the bottle. By the next day, I felt so much better that I left the antacid in the office drawer, having little need for it. It’s a miracle.

Getting people to listen to this story has elicited a similar response: it’s a psychological thing. (psychological lang yan) A discussion about this at the pantry prompted an officemate to say, “you have to quit Coke™, don’t you know they use that to clean toilets?” (Referring to one of those internet Coke™ myths.)

So what? Toilets are pretty clean, right?

I found this article pretty interesting.

Viva anti-bathing efforts!

If you’re a dude and that scene in the movie “Hard Candy” made you cringe, then you might have to skip this “true” urban legend.

However if you haven’t even heard of “Hard Candy,” then check it out.

Apparently in Japan, they’re so advanced that they invented a reusable lens to view your swimmers.

And yeah, considering that their target market’s just half of the population, it can’t fail, right? Right? Ergh.

For photography, this link is pretty interesting.

I once had a classmate named Leica. Her dad also annually swung by the school to take our class pictures.

Valentine’s day is this week! For those who still don’t know what to give their girlfriends/wives/significant other(s) … why not give them a special box?

An SNL digital short shot for Christmas … I know, I know, but it’s still pretty funny! Hahaha

Does anyone remember that mission from Halo? The Flood level? Check this out.

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