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yahoo! open strategy presscon.

September 30, 2008Yahoo! Philippines organized a little introduction for Yahoo!’s Open Strategy (Y!OS) at the National Sports Grill in Greenbelt — with Jojo Anonuevo (General Manager of Yahoo! Philippines), Sau Sheong Chang (Head of Engineering for Yahoo! Southeast Asia) and Andrei Navarro (Yahoo! Open Hack Day 2008 Philippine Representative) heading the discussion.

What is Yahoo! Open Strategy? In a nutshell, Yahoo! Is letting developers see the wires behind some of their services, making APIs/SDKs available directly from them while following OpenSocial standards.

This is in keeping with their “new direction” plan from last year. (From this blog entry: “Deliver open, industry-leading platforms that attract the most publishers and developers.”)

Which is exactly the way to go — we’re now in an age where we don’t refer to sites as ‘websites’ anymore, we’re on a closer first-name basis. (I’ll Digg your YouTubes.) Now that the web is having a more direct impact on user’s lives, it has to be more personal, customizable and social than ever. (Listen to Tom Serling winging it in “August.”)

Plus, since I’ve made the reference: my cousin isn’t merely a developer — much like Josh Sterling from Landshark (search it) — he makes something where yesterday there was nothing.  (Like SOME of the fictional parts in my thesis, back in college.)

So why isn’t there a LARGE developer network here yet? (A la-Silicon Valley?) Maybe I should’ve asked that question. (The answer that excludes money and passion issues.)

As a bonus, I DID get to discuss bits of social media — well, not in front of everyone, but still, that was nice.

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amoebas with blogs.

As a follow-up to the first Bill Gates/Seinfeld/Microsoft ad, they came out with a new one, featuring Bill and Jerry staying over with a family — “to get in touch with the people.”  A little less bizarre than the first one — although the theme is much more solid here: Microsoft is planning on hiring “gurus” for big stores to help consumers put the “personal” in “personal computers.”


worst captcha ever, pt. 2.

The good news: Rapidshare got a facelift!

The sour news: Still the worst captcha ever!  Written in bold letters, the security question says “Only enter symbols attached to a cat.”  — You see it, I see it, Rapidshare dudes must’ve seen it.  Wait … aren’t they ALL cats, in ALL the symbols?

( still looks the same though.)


a series of unfortunate events: cleanliness.

I go OC-Monk-style when it comes to my things. So when I got home last night and noticed that the room was clean — I was going berserk. (I’m sure my lola meant well, pero …) I noticed a toy on top of the computer monitor was on the floor.

(The computer was booting Windows as I did this) I picked up the toy, it got tangled in the extension cord wires, resulting in a disco of off-and-ons for the AVR. (Whee.)

I tried starting up the computer, lo and behold, a crucial system file, hal.dll has gone missing/corrupt.

Tried looking for an installer, and while it worked, the XP installer doesn’t recognize my SATA harddrive, so I can’t repair. I could run drivers for the SATA on floppy, if only my floppy drive worked, plus, to make the said floppy, I have to be in Windows. (Who uses floppy disks nowadays?)

And that’s what you get from cleanliness. As I type, I’m running Ubuntu from a CD I found in the mess. Running the OS from the CD means running slower and running it in read-only mode, so I can’t mount my IDE drives, plus, since I need to save some files, I’m using my flash drive as HD. Go resourcefulness?

It looks like I’m not the only one having computernet woes. Moral of the story? Hide the key better, or never clean up.



I mean — COME ON! Exactly how many bots use Rapidshare? Worst. Captcha. Ever.

Can anyone even guess the characters with the cats in ’em???



Rephrased: “Yesterday, Social Bookmarking meant nothing to me; today it means EVERYTHING.


what the flock!


So what if you can get the Firefox 3 Beta? Mikko introduced me to my new favorite browser: Flock!

At first glance, it looks like a heavily-skinned Firefox (and it partly is, Flock being built on-top of the Mozilla engine,) but the greatness lies in the nifty little add-ons. It has support for, ehem, Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, YouTube, Photobucket, Piczo, Blogger, Blogsome, LiveJournal, Typepad,, Xanga, and Magnolia. (I know, some of our other favorite sites still aren’t supported)

What does this mean? It means that whenever you have Flock open, you’re one click away from opening a sidebar that shows updates in your subscribed services, or, you could open the blog editor to OMNIPOST in your blogs, or, you could upload/browse photos from your Photobucket, — and, my absolute favorite — the star button next to the address box gives you the option of SIMULTANEOUSLY saving a link in your computer AND your account! (That’s less clicks for when updating all the supported sites!)

And since its Mozilla, Firefox add-ons are compatible. (You just have to re-install ’em again.) This makes most of my toolbar bookmark buttons redundant. 🙂

Plus, I added the Multiply and StumbleUpon toolbars, which adds 2 more sites that my Flock supports. Get it while it’s hot! (I’m a sucker for neat GUIs … and rounded edges. Yum!)

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