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hrudu has moved!

I’ve moved!  Update your blogrolls to point to!


horror month zombis header.

Was reading ’bout new blog templates, and it got me into thinking how it’s already October, so might as well — zombi in a dark alley?  Classic!  Not that anyone would notice, mind you, save for me, who’s noticing, as I’m doing the changing anyway.

BTW, the two blogs are p0yt’s and funnysexy’s.  Their new layouts are both looking awesum.  Check it.

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leah culver, yow.

Leah Culver is, of course, the co-founder and lead developer for Pownce — and this unique picture of her was taken from last week’s Open Hack Day, courtesy of my cousin.  (Think of the words “crush” and “vicariously,” that’s where I’m at.)

Here’s the original, from my cousin’s album:

One, how awesome is that? Two, one step closer.

To answer my own question from the last post:

Would you like her because she’s a geek, or because of the resemblance with Veronica Mars?

I definitely go for the ‘geek’ one.  Because (and not everyone knows this) geeks are the nicest, kindest people you will ever meet.

She’s still adorkable.


coke party!

What: Buhay Coke Vlog Contest Announcement of Winners Party
When: August 8, 2008, Friday, 6:00 p.m. onwards
Where: Taste Asia at the Mall of Asia
Wassup?: Announcement of winners and just simply to parteeh the Taste Asia way!

If you missed this, then it’s time to catch up!

To join on the fun, kindly REGISTER HERE.

Thanks to Aileen Apolo for the info!


love in the time of coca-cola.

My name is Paolo, and I’m a Coke-aholic.

If you know me, then you probably know about my run-ins with Coke-ahol in the past.

Shaving off my hermit-beard (but still in bad need of a haircut), I left the batcave to attend the Buhay Coke ng Bloggers thing at MoA.

Fast-forward to around 7:30, went in with Drei and Ven, and among the dozens of new faces, I saw a good buddy of mine. (Okay, so it was the Coke.) Saw Gary and new-best friend Chai — Drei and Ven left for Get Smart — so we sat ourselves down.  BTW, I saw Arpee by the entrance, hehe.

I saved the seats and exploited the FREE Coke thing while Gary and Chai set out for the buffet. The usual buffet rule applies: the amount of time you spend not falling in line is inversely proportional to the variety of food you’ll get.

A thing I did notice though, is that there were a lot of new faces (and this isn’t just the hermit talking) during this event. (And yes, I say that and it sounds like I know everyone’s face, but really, it’s pretty cool to know that each and every one of these new faces is entering the blog scene.)

Fortunately, Chai got sum squids — hence the new-best friend thing.

A couple of pounds later, I spotted Jori and he joined up in our table. He pointed towards Tarugoman — and while we were saying our hellos to people inside, we witnessed some banana-dancing bloggers. (LOL)

We moved outside and we drank. And smoked. And talked with Jayvee about Age of Conan and that Warhammer MMO.

Cathie arrives, while we continued to drink. And smoke. Missing out on the costume contest thing — olats.

Jori, Iggy, Mike (tama ba?) from TFPH set out to watch Wanted. Azrael arrived just a couple of minutes after the Wanted group left, and a little while later, Gary and Chai left too — leaving me with Cathie and her sister, Tin, along with John. (Around this time the venue was slowly turning into a disco, of sorts, lol.) Cathie told me that they were about to leave, and since I was going to have to wait ’til Get Smart was finished; I started chatting up fellow bloggers beside me. (Arvin and Red) How sad would it be to be hanging out with a case of Coke? (I asked for a couple more cans of Coke.)

Introduced Whored myself out to Coy and Kring, both of whom introduced me to a couple of their blogger friends. (This was cool, since I was looking for some allies to kill time with.)

Met Joe, Poyt, Eric, Marcelle and Juned. And also, instead of hogging all the new blogger friends, I introduced them to the other bloggers I met earlier. (Connector? LOL — it was nice meeting you guys!)

While this was all happening, Get Smart ended a bit early, so essentially, I was getting picked up from daycare. It was time to go back to the cave.

All in all, (lahat sa lahat, yeh) I had a blast! Thanks to Coke and SM Hypermarket for making this happen. And thanks to Aileen’s ever-active Plurking for the live updates of this event.

Photos here. (Feel free to grab ’em)


Arpee Gary Chai Jori Jayvee Iggy Aileen Cathie Tin Azrael Red Arvin Coy Kring Joe Poyt Eric Marcelle Juned

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pownce that developer!


I’m infatuated with yet another geek! Not only is Leah Culver the LEAD DEVELOPER for Pownce, she’s also a certified Kristen Bell look-alike. (Is that why she always wears sunglasses?)

Oh, plus, she owns this laptop:

(She bought it by selling laser-etched-laptop-surface-real-estate ads.)

(Existentialism time!) Would you like her because she’s a geek, or because of the resemblance with Veronica Mars? Is it weird that I like her moar because she’s a geek?

She’s adorkable.


that trinoma food tour thing.

(waving this around means “feed me!”)

It occurred to me that, while most people work to eat, I was lucky enough to eat so that I could get work done during the Trinoma Blogger’s Food Tour. (And hopefully “eat-to-work” will happen more often… :p ) As the year started, I promised to live in overindulgence, so this is in alignment with my goals. I know it’s been a full three-or-so days since then and I’m only just now writing about it, but everything that took place took a lot of decompression. (Or digestion?)

[STOP! HAMMER-TIME! Before treading on, might I suggest you grab a lightly-salted snack and a hot/cold beverage. Also, play a nice upbeat tune, for maximum enjoyment.]

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