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mk vs dc: batman’s the star!

Isn’t it quite obvious?  Midway/DC thinks that Batman is the star in MK vs DC!  Why else would he be at the forefront (and be the first one in those demo videos) of the game cover?  Supes is waaaaay in the back.

Plus, why is he suddenly paired up against Scorpion?  What happened to those teaser images/video?  The one where he’s getting beat up by Sub-Zero?


batman: arkham asylum game.

If you didn’t know, Batman, being the iconic character that he is, HAS NOT yet received the proper video game treatment.  A majority of previous bat-games has been reputed to be horrible examples of video game development.  (Batman and Robin, anyone?)

(Don’t believe me?  Check out AVGN Batman 1 & Batman part 2)

Mikko just sent me some images from the new Bat-game that’s being developed by Eidos and Rocksteady, entitled Batman: Arkham Asylum.  True, graphics are never in any way a promise of good gameplay, but seeing this?  It sure looks like their doing right by Batman.  Coming to the PS3, XBox360 and PC in 2009.

More screenies here.


dc universe online trailer.

With all the hype surrounding THAT other game with DC characters, it’s easy to overlook this other game in development.

It seems like they’re taking a Matrix Online approach — so instead of being any one of the members of the JLA, you’re this new up-and-coming hero who fights alongside Batman, Superman, etc.

The cool thing about it is, the overall creative director for this game is Jim Lee — so here’s your chance to see 3D representations of his work, in game form.

The video from here. The game’s myspace page here.


the dark knight.

“Insight beyond insanity,” is the only way to describe the Joker in the new Batman film. (And, quite possibly, the best-ever superhero film. Ever.)

While the internet’s already brimming with positive reviews, (even going so far as reading about TDK being “the Godfather of superhero films) it’s truly, truly hard to disagree. (Plus, as of this writing, the movie’s breaking all sorts of records.)

Great acting all around, (even with the ever-growling Batman voice) with the excellent addition of Heath Ledger as the Joker, Aaron Eckhart as Harvey Dent and Maggie Gyllenhaal as Rachel Dawes.

What makes this movie even more concrete is taking the Batman symbol that was established in Begins, and the Joker trying to corrupt that, or, at the very least, break it — and then running with it, regardless of how many plot threads and layers are added.

Taking away the Joker’s “unpleasant-run-ins-with-chemicals” origin only adds mystique as to why he is truly deranged. There’s even a little nod to “The Killing Joke,” by making each of his origin stories different, but in truth, he’s just messing with his victims. In the German language, they have an idiom for this, which I think is apt: “In der Kürze liegt die Würze. / In the shortness lies the spice.”

It also helps that all the orange tinge from Begins is replaced by a bluer hue, making everything darker this time around.

After the movie, talks of a posthumous-Oscar for Ledger can be heard. For good reason too, since he turned the Joker into an absolute entity of terror, whose acts are dictated by whim and personal amusement, without regard for anyone. (Insight beyond insanity, yow.)


batman: arkham asylum fan film.

Trolling around Youtube got me this: a fan film by Miguel Mesas based on the Grant Morrison / Dave McKean graphic novel of the same name.

Though it’s not in english, what got me hooked is the excellent production. (They even got the fonts right!)


mk vs. dc – batman vs. sub-zero?!

For reals?! Well, apparently, MK 8 will be MK vs. DC. This preview trailer shows a video of Batman beating the iceblocks off Sub-Zero. Which raises a few questions, namely, you know, Batman being a mortal and Sub-Zero an undead mystical supernatural ninja-type — how would he do actual damage?! (These are things I geek about.) Well, Namco DID mix in Star Wars with Soul Calibur, so crossovers shouldn’t surprise me.

Plus, the game’s title will be … (wait for it…) Worlds Collide. Huh. So it took a decade to catch up with MvC? (Plus, comments like “DC won’t allow its heroes to kill…” meaning … an MK without fatalities?)

From the official website:
Batman belongs to DC; MK and Sub-Zero belong to Midway Entertainment.

Click the image for the video.


superman, batman, will smith?


Check it!  A Superman/Batman poster in “I Am Legend.”

Full story here.

(Thanks to Ven for the link.)

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