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politician turns gravure idol.

From Sankaku Complex:

Politician 藤川優里 / Yuri Fujikawa (27), known for her most comely visage, as well as her youthful political success, has evoked a storm of criticism from her own supporters after it emerged she decided to pursue the release of her own image DVD and even a gravure photo album, adding insult to injury by not bothering to consult her support group, which has disowned her.

Ms Fujikawa holds the seat of a city councillor in Hachinohe, a city of 240,000 in the northern prefecture of Aomori, and is described as an independent conservative, though all her notoriety stems from being known as the 美人市議 / Bijin Gishi, or Belle Councillor. Her appearances frolicking in the snow in a bikini certainly also helped.

She was approached directly by Pony Canyon with a view to publishing the usual DVDs and photo collections of her (it’s not clear if she can sing as well), bypassing her political support infrastructure.

It is claimed when first approached, she initially refused, but soon decided it would be ok, so long as she could publicise the city as a tourist destination by doing so. It seems possible she might take this opportunity to stop wasting her time serving the city and instead take to cavorting in bikinis full time.

Her support group, responsible for getting her elected, is disgusted with what it sees as a complete betrayal of it and the city, with the chair saying the group can no longer support her under these circumstances.

He parts scathingly: “She’s massively betrayed the expectations of the constituents who voted for her, as well as all her supporters locally, nationally, and overseas. Personally, I find it hugely regrettable, but there’s nothing to be done now.”

These support groups are what gets Japanese politicians elected, and in many cases are rather more crucial to the business of being elected than the qualities of the candidates themselves, so it appears she will have to put on her skimpiest bikini if she wishes to make amends, otherwise her political career is finished.

Only in Japan!  Is it wrong?  Probably not — although I’m pretty sure decisions like these are bound to upset a given number of people, while for others, this is a wish fulfillment.  Personally?  I think she’s mindflippingly-hawt.  Like a luther burger for a famished man.


More photos here.


tina fey as sarah palin on SNL 09132008.

After a week’s worth of speculation … it happened. Further proof that the only likable thing about Sarah Palin is how she sorta reminds us of Tina Fey. 

she might just turn me over to the dark side…

…well, as far as the US elections go, it’s pretty clear that it stopped being about the issues and is now about the personalities.  One of these is McCain’s surprising (as of last week) choice for a VP: Sarah Palin.  (That’s pey-lin)

Figure 1.0 The “Kiss of Death”
Americans expect us to go to Washington for the right reason, and not just to mingle with the right people. Politics isn’t just a game of clashing parties and competing interests.The right reason is to challenge the status quo, to serve the common good and to leave this nation better than we found it.

-Sarah Palin,
Acceptance Speech at the RNC, 09032008

After watching her acceptance speech at the RNC, it’s pretty clear that she’s a seasoned politician — if it made the RNC cheer for her, line, after line, after line, about how great things will be, all the while bashing the high points of Obama, referred to as “the/our opponent,” with great timing, if I might add — then she probably knows what she’s doing.

I’m just a boy, I go ga-ga for women, and yeah, I’m crushing on the lovely Governor because she sort of makes me think that’s how Tina Fey’s gonna look decades from now.  (Read: still awesome)

But I wouldn’t vote for her just yet — in choosing the right person for the job, as in any job interview, you have to know the applicant’s experience, (will it benefit you for the position that person is applying for?) history, and qualifications.  Just because we get flashed with those beautiful teeth, and pictures of flying kisses, doesn’t necessarily mean we’d take that person in, no questions asked.

I would say though, that she did a very good job in her speech.  (Youtube clips after the jump!)  Will I turn over to the dark side for her?  Not just yet.  

P.S. The green party’s under-represented.

[Image from here]

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politics and music.

Who has better fans?  Obama:

or McCain?

With a list of tribute rap songs in his name, it seems like Obama isn’t just influencing change, but music as well.  And what of McCain?

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