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there is a light that never goes out.

Happy Birthday, Jess!


happy birthday, jaimee!


You (not you, the reader, unless YOU’RE reading this) are the being for whom I count to make invisible the unavoidable blemishes of my soul.


there is a light that never goes out.


Happy birthday, you.


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things that don't feel right, even with your eyes closed.

…and to think the last time I saw her was just a couple of months ago. The part that hurts more is finding out through the daily news; and getting told that the other station showed censored shots of the crime scene, like a twisted version of CSI — only, horrifyingly real.

I have to force myself to think properly. And with that focus, maybe I’ll narrow my vision just enouth to fool myself into thinking that I’m doing something other than thinking about it.

Logic tells me that it’s wrong to make my lungs and liver pay for what happened, but my brain just can’t forget.


Nothing quite like news like this to spoil a breakfast. Scratch that — a whole day.


second-degree burns, part 2.

“Second-degree burns affect both the outer and underlying layer of skin. They cause pain, redness, swelling, and blistering.”

Okay, that makes burn number 2 for this month. I think I met my quota at 0.


‘Okay ka lang?’

It’s funny how asserting one’s stability tends to ellicit the opposite interpretation. So, let’s say I pulled out a cigarette each time I heard this statement for the whole week. That’s equivalent to 90+ sticks. And, if according to 1994’s Surgeon General report that each cigarette smoked takes 7 minutes out of the smoker’s life, that’s roughly 630+ minutes subtracted from my life.

Gotta understand though, when you hear “ok ka lang?,” you can almost always expect the one who asked to expect the opposite reaction. Given the right one, they’ll follow up with, “sure ka? / are you sure?”

At first, I thought I’d be mighty annoyed -and I was, really,- but nobody expected the sudden highschool reunion, 5 years premature, and on such tragic circumstances. So yeah, I think I’d file this under “Paolo’s-Cynicism-when-people-actually-do-care-what-you’re-going-through-at-the-moment” folder.

Someone pointed out how “highschool” (and I do believe I throw the word ‘highschool’ as an adjective a lot) the whole week has been:

Namecalling, getting forced to interact and digging up old (awkward) memories you hid along with the dinosaurs? (ergh. yes, we did have pet names.) Go highschool.

Names I’ve been called for the last week: “the highschool midlife crisis,” “pastor,” “antukin,” … and so on.

Some express disbelief that I did make it — they always expected me to be the bum. (that’s still plan B) “No, I do have a job/ Yes, I’m okay/ No, it’s not a callcenter/ Yep, just in front of Podium/ Yes, I’m sure I’m okay/ Nope, I didn’t know she was going through all that/ Yep, tumalon kami sa bintana/ Nope, I don’t think we ever spoke before/ Nope, I wasn’t always quiet”

I love highschool.

If there’s anything learned for this week, it’s: “First, do no harm.”

It’s what they say to doctors. Before trying to heal a patient, be sure you don’t make things any worse for them. Think about how you can treat them without doing any damage.

Be careful with people. Try to live your life without abusing or shattering or betraying.

“First, do no harm.”

(Ok, so I did read the last few lines from a comicbook, but it fits.)

I could sit here and mope about this passing, but I would choose not to; We all eventually fall and stumble. The important thing is getting back on your feet.

Starcraft 2 has been officially announced. It looks like the same old shit … in 3D!

A thing that bothers me though is the new siege tank. A friend noted that it looks “gummy.” I think it looks like a giant robotic octopus.

Does anyone remember the robotic octopus from Voltes V? Octo-1? I’m calling the new siege tank Octo-1 PRIME. Hahaha!

Seriously though, check out the Artwork trailer here.

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