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no GOTS no glory.

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What’s a true friend?  Is it a.) someone who accepts you for who you are, or is it b.) someone who wants you to be better?  My friend Nash has an interesting take on it — “the guy who works at McDonald’s??? — he accepts you for who you are — is he your true friend???”

I’m taking my pick — letter b.  (Circling the letter, and then filling the little circle in with my number 2 pencil.)

I’ve no idea what girls do — but men don’t make friends;  we cultivate brothers.  Brothers (the closest definition to what I could tell, sibling-less yow) are people I could trust to keep my secrets, people to discuss my ideas with — people who aren’t afraid to be brutally honest if it was for my own benefit.

The way I see it, my mom was always right — in all those years thinking that I couldn’t live up to whatever the standard of the day was, my mom kept pushing me to be the person I could be.  She wasn’t doing it for her, it was all for me.  True friends are like that, I guess.

What’s your answer?


ver is surah cunner?

I think it’s a blast.  Although my inner geek would like to point out that the Terminator skull jumping through the time hole in episode 2?  Continuity hole!

The reason why Terminators are covered in flesh is to do the time jump — only organic materials can pass through — no clothes, no weaponry.  (As explained in Terminator 1)

(Yeah, I really wanted to enjoy this without my inner geek rambling, but I just couldn’t resist.)


loa: ribs!

While starting to write the omni-post for Trinoma’s Food Tour, I craved for some ribs. —

Then my cousin arrived and brought home take-out from The Big Grill!

(This is half the ribs, believe me, it looks bigger in real life.  It comes with fries and fried rice.)

The meal was 280, which, I think is fair, plus, it was delicious!  (Plus, since pasalubong, FREE!)

Guess my desire for ribs was in alignment with the universe, because I got what I wanted, yeh!


that trinoma food tour thing.

(waving this around means “feed me!”)

It occurred to me that, while most people work to eat, I was lucky enough to eat so that I could get work done during the Trinoma Blogger’s Food Tour. (And hopefully “eat-to-work” will happen more often… :p ) As the year started, I promised to live in overindulgence, so this is in alignment with my goals. I know it’s been a full three-or-so days since then and I’m only just now writing about it, but everything that took place took a lot of decompression. (Or digestion?)

[STOP! HAMMER-TIME! Before treading on, might I suggest you grab a lightly-salted snack and a hot/cold beverage. Also, play a nice upbeat tune, for maximum enjoyment.]

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what the flock!


So what if you can get the Firefox 3 Beta? Mikko introduced me to my new favorite browser: Flock!

At first glance, it looks like a heavily-skinned Firefox (and it partly is, Flock being built on-top of the Mozilla engine,) but the greatness lies in the nifty little add-ons. It has support for, ehem, Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, YouTube, Photobucket, Piczo, Blogger, Blogsome, LiveJournal, Typepad,, Xanga, and Magnolia. (I know, some of our other favorite sites still aren’t supported)

What does this mean? It means that whenever you have Flock open, you’re one click away from opening a sidebar that shows updates in your subscribed services, or, you could open the blog editor to OMNIPOST in your blogs, or, you could upload/browse photos from your Photobucket, — and, my absolute favorite — the star button next to the address box gives you the option of SIMULTANEOUSLY saving a link in your computer AND your account! (That’s less clicks for when updating all the supported sites!)

And since its Mozilla, Firefox add-ons are compatible. (You just have to re-install ’em again.) This makes most of my toolbar bookmark buttons redundant. 🙂

Plus, I added the Multiply and StumbleUpon toolbars, which adds 2 more sites that my Flock supports. Get it while it’s hot! (I’m a sucker for neat GUIs … and rounded edges. Yum!)

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